Tune in tonight for Blogger Madness!

My cell phone just rang, and it was Nichole at Rosewood Market, reminding me in the nicest possible way that I owe the deli a little over $7 for a lunch I apparently charged back in August. I don’t remember it, but I’m sure she’s right.

Anyway, she goes on to tell me that she thought I did a good job during the ETV debate for superintendent of education candidates a couple of weeks back, and I thanked her (I’ll pay seven bucks for such feedback any time).

All of which reminds me to tell you to Tune In Tonight for ETV’s election night coverage from 7 to 11 (or whenever), featuring yours truly and my video sidekick-in-training, Andy Gobeil, plus a cast of several.

The coolest part, from what Andy tells me, is that among those several will be some of my fellow bloggers: Our good friend Laurin Manning of the Laurinline, our regular correspondent Joshua Gross of SC Hotline, and Roxanne Walker, who describes herself as "the girl who scares the boys." So I’ll keep an eye out for her.

Roxanne, by the way, passes on what has seemed so far to be the Big Story of the Day so far, which was the governor’s difficulty establishing his ID in order to vote. She quotes Tim Grieve on Salon.com as imbuing this event with Great Significance. Hey, we bloggers work with what we get.

7 thoughts on “Tune in tonight for Blogger Madness!

  1. Doug

    Any chance Mary Rosh and Lee can stop by to balance the coverage? Now THAT would be MUST SEE TV.
    Wish I was in state tonight to see it.

  2. Doug

    Not looking for good for Floyd right now.
    Surprising. Still got 40% of the vote toi count.
    The fact that Ravenal/Patterson is close says all we need to say about SC voters.

  3. Doug

    I’ve heard the “canary in a coalmine” comment at least six times tonight across CNN, MSNBC, and FOX. Do any of these supposed news journalists ever think for themselves???

  4. Lee

    Since “Mary” is a pseud from a non-existant State of Denial, she might already be there in the studio with Brad.

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