Nazis with a bullet

My most-viewed videos have shifted rather dramatically since April. You’ll recall that last month, I noted that the five most popular videos from my blog were these:

  1. Joe Biden at Rotary — 1,608 views.
  2. Nazi Presidential Candidate Defends Confederate Flag — 1,098
  3. "He Makes Up Stuff" — 833.
  4. The Alpha and Beta of Thomas Ravenel — 662
  5. Nazis Defend Confederate Flag II — 657

I predicted that the Nazi videos would continue to climb, contrary to the views of those who thought I should shut up about the flag. Mind you, I’m not claiming it’s been the kind of viewership one seeks out, but there definitely is high interest out there, read what you will into it. Here’s the current Top Five line-up:

  1. "Nazi Presidential Candidate Defends Confederate Flag" — 2,770 views
  2. "Joe Biden at Rotary" — 1,769
  3. "Nazis Defend Confederate Flag II" — 1,455
  4. "Who Resurrected the Electric Car?" — 1,273
  5. "He Makes Up Stuff," 849

Note how the classic, character-driven films of the Golden Age lie stagnant, while the flashy, lurid, sensationalistic stuff rolls right over them. I guess that’s why local TV news tends to be as awful as it is — that’s what people want to see.

It is nice to see the critically-acclaimed "Electric Car" doing so well, though.

2 thoughts on “Nazis with a bullet

  1. Bill B.

    Gosh Brad… given the two top choices what would the normal person rather watch? A controversial person talking about something that Hillary Clinton doesn’t approve of or an old political windbag lying about how he’s going to save this country? I bet if you put up one of the Paris Hilton videos that it would top all of your videos combined. With predictions like that you should jump on the next flight out to Las Vegas… or just admit that you predicted the obvious.

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