OK, so McCain’s wrong about TWO things…

Put this under the category of "Fun in the Cutting Room."

So you thought John McCain and Lindsey Graham — two of my favorite people in the U.S. Senate — were great friends? Think again:

5 thoughts on “OK, so McCain’s wrong about TWO things…

  1. bill

    Of course,he was being ironic,these guys go shopping together-
    Graham’s Signs Of Progress In Iraq: ‘I Bought Five Rugs For Five Bucks’
    Today, Sens. John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) held a press conference in Iraq. Both McCain and Graham charged that the media are not giving the American people “the full picture of what’s happening here.” As evidence of progress, they spoke of the time they were able to spend in the Bab al-Sharqi market, at which 88 people died in suicide bomber attack on Jan. 22. “We went to the market and were just really warmly welcomed. I bought five rugs for five bucks. And people were engaging,” said Graham.
    What McCain and Graham didn’t mention: CNN’s Bob Franken noted today that the senators’ press conference was “held in the very, very, very heavily secured Green Zone, the center city area of Baghdad.” Additionally, the “delegation was accompanied by heavily armed U.S. troops when they were not in the Green Zone, site of the U.S. Embassy and Iraqi government. They traveled in armored military vehicles under heavy guard.”
    Just last week, McCain told CNN that President Bush’s escalation is working so well, “Gen. Petraeus goes out there [in Baghdad] almost every day in an unarmed humvee.” CNN’s Iraq correspondent Michael Ware said the reaction to McCain’s claim among military sources was “laughter down the line.”

  2. Brad Warthen

    Yeah, it would have been so much better if McCain had sat on his butt at HOME and expressed his support for Iraq.
    Or — better yet — he could have gone to the market alone, and gotten killed by a sniper. Which could happen to anyone in that country any time, even if the surge improved security tenfold.
    Then, all his critics would be satisfied, the troops would go home, and we would have reasserted the state of affairs that existed from the spring of 1975 until October 2001: That any sniper or car-bomber in the world would have it completely within his power to stop and defeat the most powerful military in the history of the world.
    Then the entire world would be theirs. Utopia for the nihilists.

  3. bud

    McCain is a warmongering, fear provoking senile idiot. He has no chance of becoming president. The war has failed. It’s making us and the people of Iraq far, far, far less safe and less financially secure. American foreign policy is in shambles because of the likes of McCain. We’re hated around the world. And for damn good reasons. We’ve meddled in the affairs of the middle-east way too long. It’s time to stop this madness, bring our troops home where they can help in a natural disaster or re-deploy them somewhere where there is an actual threat to our security.
    The war mongers of America have had there shot. They have failed, and failed miserably. And now it’s time for peace loving Americans to unite and DEMAND an end to this insanity. A majority of Democrats voted to stop funding the war. It failed to pass but the tide has turned and peace will prevail. It’s time to send the likes of McCain off to retirement in sunny Arizona, far away from Washington. And he can take Lieberman and Graham with him. The whole sorry bunch makes me sick.

  4. Ready to Hurl

    Yeah, it would have been so much better if McCain had sat on his butt at HOME and expressed his support for Iraq.

    Gee, this reminds me of someone who posts pretty often here… who could that be?
    Name escapes me but he won’t even volunteer at the VA Hospital to witness firsthand just a fraction of the human suffering that his warmongering has cost fellow-Americans.
    His litmus test for presidential candidates is: “Who will continue sinking our blood and treasure into the pointless Iraq meat grinder?” Nevermind the candidate’s other inadequacies, deficiencies, character defects or wrong-headed policies.

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