Finally, a fantasy for you and me


emind me not to wander through the newsroom; it’s full of professional bad influences.

That said, I visited that den of iniquity just a moment ago, but for the purest of motives — to return a pen I had borrowed in a moment of need from one of my colleagues in the working press (I cannot tell a lie, Honest Abe; I am not making this up). While there, however, I learned about a game that, were I to engage in it, would probably consume the rest of my life, such as it is. It looked more insidious than video poker.
It’s the Minnesota Fantasy Legislature, created by Minnesota Public Broadcasting. Finally, a fantasy league
for us geeks who don’t know what a wishbone offense is, and can’t explain the infield fly rule. Now, we can waste our time just as pointlessly as the jockheads. It’s got rules and everything.

But I must admit, the concept is hilarious. And I feel myself getting pulled into this thing (a la Michael Corleone in Godfather III — Just when I thought I was out…). At the moment, I’ve got some real work to do, despite the newsman’s code, and don’t have time to draft my team — especially when you consider how limitless the possibilities are when this is applied to the South Carolina Legislature. So I’m generously offering you the chance to get a head start planning your team. Be sure to come up with a great name for it — my personal favorite in the Minnesota league is the "Sine Die Sadists," although there’s something to be said for the "State Muffins."

To get you started here (above) is a random sample of lawmakers to consider… Well, not exactly random — I found them lined up at the John McCain event over in Lexington today. Don’t they look like they’re waiting to be picked for something?

My team, I think (and this is just off the top of my head), will be the "Fat and Uglies."

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