Colbert brunch: A good time was had by all


his being Sunday, I’m not going to sift through all my pics and clips from the Stephen Colbert brunch this morning, but here’s a taste of what it was like, as experienced by Sen. John Land and Judge Alex Sanders.

It would be hard to find anything that better illustrates the journalistic cliche of cliches, "A good time was had by all."


4 thoughts on “Colbert brunch: A good time was had by all

  1. Henry

    I like Stephen Colbert, and I am a Republican. This social though—were there any Republicans there? I see pictures of Emile DeFelice and Sam Tenenbaum and Jim Hodges and Gilda Cobb-Hunter in addition to the ones above. What republicans came?

  2. Brad Warthen

    No, nary a one. It was definitely a Democratic Party affair.
    Dwight Drake sent out the invitations, and I guess he invited his best friends, which would be Democrats. But there was more to it than that. Party officials were there with special name tags on.
    I THINK, and I’d have to check with Dwight to be sure (and I will), that the gag was that this was SUPPOSED to be a Democratic party affair, which Colbert was working to advance his “candidacy.” I think I have it on video — and will hunt it down if I get time today — some footage where he’s talking about his efforts to get on the Democratic ballot, etc.
    He also said he can’t afford to get on the Republican ballot, since it costs ten times as much.
    I’ll be back with more later…

  3. bill

    Being For the Benefit of Mr Colbert
    For the benefit of Mr.Colbert
    There will be a show tonight on trampoline
    The Hendersons will all be there
    Late of Pablo-Fanques Fair, what a scene
    Over men and horses hoops and garters
    Lastly through a hogshead of real fire!
    In this way Mr.Colbert will challenge the world!
    The celebrated Mr.Colbert
    Performs his feat on Saturday at Bishopsgate
    The Hendersons will dance and sing
    As Mr. Kite flies through the ring don’t be late
    Messrs.Colbert and H.assure the public
    Their production will be second to none
    And of course Henry The Horse dances the waltz!
    The band begins at ten to six
    When Mr.Colbert performs his tricks without a sound
    And Mr.H.will demonstrate
    Ten somersets he’ll undertake on solid ground
    having been some days in preparation
    A splendid time is guaranteed for all
    And tonight Mr. Kite is topping the bill.

  4. weldon VII

    Sure, Bill, but is it getting better all the time, now that we know how many holes it takes to fill the House of Lords?
    Me, I get by with a little help from friends.


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