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s you know, I’ve already posted video clips here and here from our Monday interview with Joe Biden. Here are two more clips that pertain directly to the subject matter in my upcoming Sunday column.


2 thoughts on “More Biden videos

  1. Joe

    And this guy isn’t a serious candidate for President? Please, he’s the most qualified, up front, transparent, and viable candidate in the election on both sides, period. We’ve got “frontrunners” in the Democratic party whose campaign fundraisers are on the lam, involved in sub-prime lending scams, no worldly experience, and unelectable in a general. Are we,the Democrats, really going to roll the dice because of these polls. How fickle that would make us. Anyone who lives in a primary state knows these polls are ridiculous and only reflect the activists and political junkies who have been flourished with attention, money and media. If the Democratic voters fall for this charade, they deserve whatever lackluster “frontrunner” they get. Here’s to hoping the wool doesn’t get pulled over our eyes again. By the way, who does that better, the Bushes or Clintons?

  2. Doug T

    I can’t remember the exact date, but the Sunday this past spring when Senator Biden spoke in Bennettsville…earlier that morning Lindsey appeared on Meet the Press. Not to put words in his mouth, but what I heard was Lindsey at least acknowledging that Joe’s Federalism idea was a possibility in solving Iraq’s political stalemate. I was diasppointed that Lindsey didn’t vote for the nonbinding resolution. I hope the only Republican I respect isn’t playing politics with Iraq.
    Also, after taking the time spelling out his energy policy priorities to you guys, Joe gave a “no” to Sam Tennenbaum’s idea of pushing the 55mph thing. Who thinks Obama or Hillary would have come out with an unequivical yes or no. Obama couldn’t even say yes or no to inviting Barry Bonds to the White House.
    OBTW Sam, I drive 50mph to work and back (120 miles daily) and save $750/yr. I’m not waiting for a law!!

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