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s I mentioned back here, I tried dropping by some of the campaign gatherings last night. I had received e-mail invitations to gatherings the McCain and Obama folks were having (both of them anticipating wins), and I thought I’d swing by any others I could find.

Seeing the lights on at the Romney HQ, I stopped there first, but my timing wasn’t good. I had first dropped by my daughter’s place to hold my grandchildren for an hour, so I was out of touch. To my surprise, as I walked in, Mr. Romney was giving his NH concession speech. As bad as my timing was (seeing as how I wasn’t invited), I bugged Will Holley yet again about getting the candidate in for an interview before Friday, then left, seeing as how no one was in much of a chatting mood.

I then went by the McCain gathering at The Back Porch, which was the only place with a crowd, so I shot these pictures just as McCain was giving his victory speech. No one seemed to take much notice of the flash (which I hate using, because it’s generally so intrusive), with all that was going on. Then it hit me that I needed to go redo the editorial page, so I split.

After I left the paper again, a little after 10, I went looking for the Obama "party." Needless to say, there wasn’t one. There had been an intended party, at Damon’s, but by the time I got there I saw only 4 or 5 people standing around looking dazed. I decided to head to Obama HQ, but on the way I called Zac Wright, the only Clinton staffer whose number I had programmed into my Treo. I figured the Clinton people were probably having a party that would make the McCain gathering look like a funeral. But I couldn’t get Zac. (Haven’t been able to get him today, either — although Warren has talked to Darrell Jackson.)

At Obama HQ things were quite subdued. I only saw one person I knew at first — top staffers seemed to be in a back room in a conference call or something. I did chat with Inez Tenenbaum as she passed through the entrance area on her way out, but I’ve already mentioned that.

So all I have to show for all that would-be party-hopping is these few snaps from the short while I was at the McCain thing. Make of the photos what you will. You probably already knew that Speaker Bobby Harrell, Attorney General Henry McMaster, Sen. Mike Fair, Rep. Gloria Haskins and ex-Rep. Rick Quinn were in the McCain camp, and that B.J. Boling and Buzz Jacobs were on staff (The staffers reminded me that the last time I’d been to the McCain HQ — which is right next door to The Back Porch — it was a much lonelier place). I didn’t know about Glenn McConnell, but then for all I know he was just looking for a free drink on the night of the first day of the legislative session. I didn’t ask; I only saw him (and snapped the pic) on my way out the door.

And yup, that is TPS blogger Adam Fogle whose McCain sticker the attorney general is pointing at in the picture at top. The rest of the pics follow…




4 thoughts on “McCainiacs at play

  1. Richard L. Wolfe

    If the best N.H. voters can do for ” change ” is pick two mediocre senators then their first in the nation status should be revoked. We would be better off to amend the constitution and let ole’ George run again than to try and elect these old retreads.

  2. Brad Warthen

    I finally heard back from Zac Wright, via e-mail:

    How are things going?  We did not do any watch parties last night but were
    building to the phonebanks and kickoffs today — you should have gotten the
    advisory about it yesterday.


    … upon which I called again. Missed him on the cell, got him on the land line (which sort of makes him the opposite of me, in terms of availability). He said he’s "a long way from the flatlands of West Tennessee" — environs which he and shared, without being aware of each other, long ago…

    You know, there’s something very Hillary Clinton — and I mean this, if not in precisely a nice way, at least a neutral way — about a campaign that’s slaving away on phone banks into the night, when others are partying… or trying to.

    I’ve only got one problem with Zac — when I talk to him, he always calls me "sir." Same thing with B.J. Boling of the McCain campaign. I think Will Holley with Romney does that, too. No way such a diverse assortment of people are all doing that out of personal respect. It’s got to be anno domini… the years are really showing on my, I guess.

  3. Tom Smalley

    Lets inform some of our younger voters that were too young to learn about this?
    McCain looks pretty dirty here
    Anyone vaguely familiar with the political career of John McCain knows about the “Keating Five” scandal. For those not clear on the specifics, we’ll do a quick review:
    In the midst of the savings and loan implosion of the 80s, federal auditors begin investigating the practices of S&L magnate Charles Keating.
    McCain, along with four other Senators, meets with Keating to discuss ways to derail the investigation.
    McCain and his colleagues meet with Ed Gray, the chairman of the regulatory board, and persuade him to delay seizing the S&L.
    Two years later, regulators finally have to seize the S&L for a federal bailout, costing taxpayers $2.6 billion. In the meantime, 17,000 investors in Keating’s S&L lose $190 million.
    For someone with a stainless “reform” halo, McCain looks pretty dirty here. So, what does the “straight-talker” do? Take responsibility? Apologize? Nah:
    McCain defended his attendance at the meetings by saying Keating was a constituent and that Keating’s development company, American Continental Corporation, was a major Arizona employer. McCain said he wanted to know only whether Keating was being treated fairly and that he had not tried to influence the regulators…
    Oh, well we have no problem, then. After all, McCain’s job is to look out for his constituents, right?
    But Keating was more than a constituent to McCain–he was a longtime friend and associate…Keating raised money for McCain’s two congressional campaigns in 1982 and 1984, and for McCain’s 1986 Senate bid. By 1987, McCain campaigns had received $112,000 from Keating, his relatives, and his employees–the most received by any of the Keating Five…
    Okay, so that’s pretty fishy. Still, I guess you could say that just because someone gives you money doesn’t make you best buds…
    After McCain’s election to the House in 1982, he and his family made at least nine trips at Keating’s expense, three of which were to Keating’s Bahamas retreat. McCain did not disclose the trips (as he was required to under House rules) until the scandal broke in 1989…And in April 1986, one year before the meeting with the regulators, McCain’s wife, Cindy, and her father invested $359,100 in a Keating strip mall.
    Cripes! This is some Tom DeLay stuff, folks. So, here we have McCain conspiring with a campaign crony to rip off shareholders and American taxpayers. What does McCain do to atone for his sins?
    …he contributed $112,000 (the amount raised for him by Keating) to the U.S. Treasury.
    Oh, thanks John. Now, according to my calculations, you only owe American taxpayers about $2,599,880,000.00. We’d like that in cash, please.

  4. Joe Momma

    So what is it McCain? <==uses US Vets to pander his campaign! McAMNESTY? McLIEBERMAN? McLobbyist? McMONGER? McLiar? McNO-VOTER? McNEOCON? McISRAEL? McDILUSIONAL? McLIAR? McPANDERING-HACK? He's pure lying garbage! If you people are this stupid to support this PANDERING SELLOUT SCUMBAG... I hope y'all go down in the same ship!

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