Video: McCain about the 2000 campaign in SC, and what’s different now

First, an update. I spoke to someone with the McCain campaign about the "push polls" release, and I doubt that there’s much to it. It seems that staffers doing a phone bank up in Spartanburg ran into a rash of people who were saying they wouldn’t vote for McCain because of his divorce back in the ’70s, saying it was evidence of his immaturity, and the similar wording in each of the "spontaneous" responses struck the phone bank folks as odd.

As I suggested earlier, sensitivity on this is on something of a hair-trigger over at McCain HQ.

Second, on that subject — I was going back through some of my video from the McCain interview back in August, and ran across some stuff I don’t remember using before. Since it bears on something I’ve eluded to in past posts (and columns), namely the 2000 campaign and our interview with him then, I thought I’d share it. Main point, with reference to the above topic, is that McCain himself doesn’t blame the smear campaign for stopping him in South Carolina last time. He said Bush just had the better organization, and more money.

Anyway, here’s the video:

5 thoughts on “Video: McCain about the 2000 campaign in SC, and what’s different now

  1. Doug Ross

    So his first answer to your question is “9/11”. How many years are politicians going to drag that one day out in order to further their own political goals? What a sorry answer…
    And then when you give him another chance to answer the question, he ignores it and talks about why he lost. He simply refuses to defend his own daughter and talk about who was responsible for the calls that smeared him and his daughter.
    It was Karl Rove, Senator, in case you were wondering.
    The fact that he continues to suck up to the Bush machine that is responsible for the bombastic political rhetoric today is sad.
    He needs the Bush machine to win this time and will sell his soul to make that happen.

  2. JRH

    This video was made a month ago. Now Huck’s proven he can win.. he won Iowa and had a strong finish in Iowa. Gotta keep it going here in SC.

  3. Doug Ross

    Just finished watching the documentary “Why We Fight” in which Senator McCain gets significant face time in interviews.
    There’s a really telling segment where he is asked about Halliburton’s role in military spending and replies that it appears very likely that corrupt behavior has occured. He is then asked what he would do about it. Direct quote “I would hold public investigations.” Then we see the Senator look offscreen and get word from an aide that Dick Cheney is on the phone. Interview ends, McCain stands up and leaves.
    Not sure if Dick said “Heel” or not…
    Watch it… McCain says one thing in public and is a different politician behind the scenes.

  4. Strom

    ‘McCain himself doesn’t blame the smear campaign for stopping him in South Carolina last time.’
    That’s good of him, since this didn’t have much if anything to do with his 2000 defeat here. Of course, The State is always happy to think of South Carolinians as backward, bigoted buffoons that wouldn’t care about McCain’s position on issues…only that he might have fathered an illegitimate, black daughter. What a crock! And too, McCain actually WON this time. So what happened? All of the “scandal-believing-bubbas” move out of state since 2000? Sort of shoots the old “2000 smear tactic sank McCain in 2000” down in flames…doesn’t it?


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