Video about the McCain endorsement

Andy Haworth of shot a video late Friday of me talking about the McCain endorsement.

I haven’t seen it yet myself — I’m typing this at a computer that lacks Flash, or something. I’ll have to wait until I get back to my laptop later in the day.

The video seemed like a really good idea yesterday morning with a couple of cups of coffee in me. I had noticed that the EPE at The Des Moines Register had done a video to go with their endorsement, and that seemed like a cool sort of extra little thing to do.

But at 5 or 6 p.m. — after our meeting to make the endorsement decision, after I wrote the endorsement, after I wrote my Sunday column, after I put the Sunday page together in Quark, then put it together again after it blew up because of the antiquated processor I try to paginate on, after I had printed out proofs — it didn’t seem like such a hot idea. But Andy was there with the lights and camera so, through multiple takes on practically every sentence I mumbled through, we got it done.

So I’m really counting on Andy’s editing skill here. At least I know the production values will be better than the Register’s.

To see my video, click here.

2 thoughts on “Video about the McCain endorsement

  1. Frank Black

    The number of categories on your blog is astounding. If you look closely enough you’ll note that many make no sense to the user. Do us a service: Think about organization.

  2. Frank Black

    I hate to beat a dead horse: My God man… your categories are ridiculous. Journalists should not be allowed to run amok online where news-hole is not a consideration.

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