She got one! MB goes for Hillary

Just to show that the MSM are not one big, fat conspiracy, the Myrtle Beach Sun News has endorsed Hillary Clinton, as this release from Zac proudly announces:

Myrtle Beach Sun News Endorses Hillary for President

COLUMBIA, SCThe Myrtle Beach Sun News, a major daily newspaper serving the Pee Dee and Grand Strand in South Carolina, today endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, calling her "sharp, savvy, highly skilled" and citing her experience and ability to solve problems.
     According to the endorsement editorial, the newspaper found that Hillary Clinton “certainly has the brains, toughness and skill-set required to chart her own course.”
     The full endorsement follows.

Of course, the Sun News is terribly misguided, but I’m happy for Zac, since he’s from my old stomping grounds in West Tennessee, and I think he’s a good guy.

6 thoughts on “She got one! MB goes for Hillary

  1. weldon VII

    Reading the endorsement of Clinton in the Sun News was a much bigger waste of time than reading tne endorsement of Obama in The State.
    Yep, that’s a backhanded compliment.
    The Sun News’ hope for Bill Clinton to be only “ceremonial” in Hillary’s White House probably sets a record for newspaper naivete.
    If John McCain it must be, I can accept it. Clinton or Obama plus a Democratic majority would relegate us to the Third World.

  2. Brad Warthen

    Now see, weldon, you’re thinking like Don Fowler — you think party matters. It doesn’t. What matters, more than any other factor, is the character of each individual.
    The problem is that the parties tend to force upon the rest of us nominees whose characters cause us to recoil (I refer you to the election of 2004). The wonderful thing about this year is that there is a CHANCE — only a chance, but a real one — that this time we’ll get a choice between two worthy alternatives: McCain and Obama.
    Just having both of them on the ballot, however it came out in the end, would be a wonderful thing for the nation.

  3. weldon VII

    Of course party matters, Brad. The aisle has two sides, not by accident.
    I don’t blame you for hoping the time will come when party doesn’t matter, when character and shrewd judgment determine the courses of action our leaders take.
    But for now, gridlock is the prism that refracts the lawmaking in Washington, saving us from traveling too pall mall down one road or another.
    McCain and the Democrats would make a more productive working combination than Bush and the Democrats have. History tells us that with each passing day we move just a bit farther left. McCain is left of Bush, but not so much so, like Obama or Clinton, that we’d fall off the edge of the world.
    McCain wouldn’t tax and spend us to death at the expense of our military. The other two might.


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