What the Obama campaign learned about The State

After he saw the message from Don Fowler, Kevin Griffis of the Barack Obama campaign send me an e-mail, which I reproduce here in full:

    We did very thorough research of The State‘s editorial board’s positions over the last few years, and in addition to endorsing Democrats Jim Clyburn, John Spratt, Robert Barber and Jim Rex in the last cycle, this is what we found that the board has advocated for, among other positions:

  • Improved government transparency
  • Energy independence
  • Alleviating inequalities in educational opportunities
  • Strenthening consumer safety measures
  • Reforming No Child Left Behind
  • Adequately funding public colleges

I assume their campaign supports the aforementioned candidates and policy positions despite the fact the paper has endorsed Republicans. It makes you wonder where they draw the line for the legitimacy of your advocacy.

I didn’t realize we were being studied up on to that extent, but I see now that we were. Ordinarily, you’d expect that Don would have just known all this stuff about us, seeing as how he’s a Columbian. But he is blinded by his partisan view of the world — for him, if you ever endorsed or agreed with a Republican, you apparently are beyond the pale.

3 thoughts on “What the Obama campaign learned about The State

  1. Mike Cakora

    If you were in Kansas, you could burnish your reputation for independence by endorsing this candidate for the House of Representatives.
    Let’s face it, your own numbers show that The State has not been a big booster of transgender pro-war libertarian candidates.

  2. zzazzeefrazzee

    Mike, that was AWESOME! thanks for sharing.
    Personally, I felt for years that Americans should demand substance over slogans from both major political parties, much less each of the candidates campaigns. They deserve a public reprimand stating that both parties return to the REAL debate format instituted by the League of Women Voters, but that would mean abandoning the precious “Commission on Presidential Debates” sweetheart deal between the two parties that effectively treats American taxpayers like a bunch of morons.


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