Staying in touch with his bass


We know Mike Huckabee is a versatile kind of guy — governor, preacher, ex-broadcaster, man from Hope, self-described conservative, populist — but does he play not one, but two separate musical instruments?

Until recently, I sort of ignored scribes
who wrote that he "plays guitar," assuming they don’t know a guitar from their elbows. Clearly, he plays bass — that’s what you see in all the pictures, as the one above, in which he is playing a Fender.

Les_paul_2But one picture moved on AP recently over this caption:

** FILE ** Republican presidential hopeful, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee rests after playing his guitar while campaigning in Boscawen, N.H.,in this Dec. 14, 2007, file photo. As part of a series of questions the Associated Press asked presidential candidates about their personal tastes, traits and background, candidates were asked to name their favorite gadgets. Huckabee answered: "Probably my laptop. Or my bass guitar and amplifier." (AP Photo/Cheryl Senter, file)

In the photo, at right, he is shown standing next to (but not, mind you, playing) a Les Paul.

So does he actually play both? Does anyone out there know? I need to get this key fact straight in my mind before we consider endorsements next week.

By way of full disclosure: I am a Gibson man myself — although my particular instrument is a reproduction vintage Flying V.


3 thoughts on “Staying in touch with his bass

  1. weldon VII

    If you ply Gibson, you must have small fingers, or hands. Fender suits my digits better.
    Come to think of it, doesn’t Huckabee look more like McCartney than that “24” guy?

  2. Gary Karr

    Rex Nelson, who was for a long time the communications director for Gov. Huckabee’s longtime communications director, tells me in an e-mail that he’s never seen Huckabee play any other guitar other than a bass. But he also says that Gov. Huckabee can also play the drums.


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