‘I know you are but what am I?’

Being the sophisticated sort that I am, I had remained aloof from the "excitement" of having yet another motion picture being shot here in our fair city — although I admit that perhaps even my pulse would speed up a bit if I were to run into that Jessica Biel person, assuming of course that I were half my current age (ahem). I believe I did see her in something once, and as I recall she was rather symmetrical and pneumatic and so forth.

But that hasn’t happened. However, brother blogger Adam Fogle has experienced the next best thing (if you’re willing to reach far afield) — he bumped into ‘Pee-Wee Herman’ himself.

He wrote about the experience here. From his account, he’s still holding out hope of encountering Ms. Biel, so the lad still has his priorities straight.

4 thoughts on “‘I know you are but what am I?’

  1. bird

    I had to take a peek at the symmetrical article…OCD never REALLY takes a day off. All I can say is, “David Von Drehle, thank you for the epilogue.” ANY epilogue. I’m exhausted.

  2. Brad Warthen

    That’s what the links are there for. Personally, I thought that was a classier treatment of the subject of feminine pulchritude than you find at SOME blogs…
    You clicked on the “pneumatic” one too, I hope. I thought that one was way literary…
    Folks, if you’re not clicking on the links, you’re missing out.

  3. bill

    That was EXTREMELY literary,and what a coincidence,I’m in the middle of reading “Point Counter Point”.
    Just kidding,I’m actually reading a really trashy novel by Jeff Lindsay,”Dearly Devoted Dexter”.Dexter’s my favorite serial killer.

  4. bird

    Way literary — I even had to look up the definition of “pulchritude.”
    What an icky-sounding word for something deemed so valuable!

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