Mayor Bob says he likes Tomlin, too

Still catching up on e-mail. Here’s another one that came in Wednesday, in which Mayor Bob Coble insists that while Belinda Gergel is his friend, so is Don Tomlin:

    Brad, I wanted to add two perspectives on the issues raised in The State this morning.
    First, while I supported Belinda in the election; we are long term friends (her husband Richard and I worked together in high school); and we agree on many issues; Belinda won because of her history and independence and will not be part of a "faction." Indeed much of her campaign addressed needed changes at City Hall.
    Secondly, while there are different views in the community and on Council on the direction of the City, I can think of no one I have worked more closely with than Don Tomlin over the past four years. He has played the key role in the Bull Street Neighborhood, the revitalization of Allen University, and at least two new neighborhoods in Columbia.
    Now that the election is over I will continue to work with all of Council to move Columbia forward. Thanks

Actually, that’s another thing Bob and Belinda have in common. Both dismiss talk of "factions" on city council, as you see in this video:

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