Reed Swearingen on what he likes in a city


Reid Swearingen, one of three candidates running for the District 3 seat on Columbia city council, came in for his editorial board endorsement interview this morning. We’ll be talking with his opponents tomorrow.

I always devote the first few minutes of these meetings to letting the candidate summarize the high points of what he wants us to know about him and his candidacy. Mr. Swearingen chose to use that time to explain how his biography plays into his concept of what he’s like Columbia to be, based on what he’s seen in other cities he’s lived in.

In editing this material down to YouTube’s five-minute limit (which I find is generally good discipline, and produces a more watchable clip), I left out some details — such as his brief sojourn in Los Angeles (a city he didn’t like living in), and a period he spent back in Columbia, teaching at Midlands Tech, after California and before Austin, Texas. My goal was to keep to the points that spoke to his particular vision of a good city.

Anyway, as it begins, he has just explained being originally from Florence, and going to Francis Marion University, and he is just starting to tell about moving to San Francisco…


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