Today’s ‘other’ endorsement — Elise Partin


The McCain endorsement, being released early today, was sort of predestined to make a splash to the exclusion of readers noting anything else. So I call your attention to the endorsement that actually ran in today’s paper — that of Elise Partin for mayor of Cayce.

Certainly I want to make sure readers who live in Cayce see it. But beyond that, I see that race as being of at least passing interest to others in the Midlands — which is why we decided to interview and endorse in that race to begin with. The decision of the current and immediately past city administrations to pursue Lebensraum even to the point of going into a neighboring county — combined with such ongoing cross-jurisdictional issues as riverfront development, the regional transit system and such — made this election worth thinking about. In fact, the very first among several people who urged us to look into this race actually lives in Columbia (although others were actual Cayce voters).

Ms. Partin is an unusually engaging candidate who presents a sharp contrast to status quo incumbent
(Robert Malpass, shown below), and offers a better course for the future than the third candidate (businessman Paul Giugliano, right). It’s an interesting race.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure this endorsement didn’t get ignored entirely.


7 thoughts on “Today’s ‘other’ endorsement — Elise Partin

  1. Chris Kueny

    Of course those of us working on Elis’s campaign were thrilled to see today’s paper. And that number is quite large. Her campaign grew straight from the grass roots. We have funded it with many many small meet & greet fundraisers, and have had many folks walking the streets campaigning for her. Her plan to create a strategic plan for Cayce with input from neighbors and businesses alike will ensure that we tackle the problems left us by the past administrations in the most inclusive way possible. And it will keep Cayce from falling for whatever the next developer pitches our way. If it doesn’t fit into the plan, if it isn’t best for Cayce residents, we don’t do it. Simple. Chris Kueny

  2. Christina Hulslander

    I am glad that the State has acknowledged and shared what I have know already, Elise Partin is the best candidate for Cayce mayor. Since making the choice to run for this office she has worked to research and study and consult with other municipalities about options to address the concerns and problems of the citizens of Cayce. It is encouraging to see someone who FINDS the answers, she is not working in a vacuum of knowledge of just those around her. Elise is resourceful,intelligent, and respectful that ideas for solutions can be found from a wide range of sources. I am grateful that she is seeking to use the collective knowledge of our broader society to find answers to Cayce’s problems. We, like other cities throughtout the US, will find solutions to our problems with the right leader moving us forward. Thanks to Elise Partin for offering that leadership.

  3. Marie Vevik

    It is Cayce Citizens’ Turn to vote on Vista Farms Annexation Now
    Last year the Cayce City Council totally ignored the majority input of the large number of Cayce citizens who came to Council meetings to oppose Cayce taking on the liability of the levees in Vista Farms by rezoning and annexing Vista Farms in Columbia into Cayce.
    Elise Partin was the only candidate who spoke out at meetings against Cayce taking over the Vista Farms project, offering many facts that I believe would have convinced the most reasonable City Councils to walk away from rezoning and annexing Vista Farms in Columbia. After all, even Columbia and Richland County had both walked away from the Vista Farms proposal which is located in their City and County. Now Partin states, she is concerned that the annexation will stretch the city’s police and firefighting services to unsafe levels and also says she thinks the council did not devote enough time to considering the complexities of the issues involved in bringing the land into the city. She is consistent in her opposition, and is still ready to work for the benefit of the City of Cayce.
    It is now the time for Cayce Citizens to have its input into the Annexation matter. Elise Partin is running for Mayor and it is time we, the people of Cayce, SC, finally received our chance to vote in the Vista Farms matter and let Elise Partin lead Cayce to a better tomorrow.
    a Cayce Resident

  4. Jay Downey

    We need to be wary of her. The State is endorsing her (they never have Cayce’s best interest in mind.) She is getting all kinds of funds from Columbia supporters. That spells trouble for Cayce. Columbia has always had their nose in Cayce’s business. They don’t need someone looking out for there interest in office. She is not looking out for Cayce, she is just promoting herself for higher offices!

  5. Dreama Vitali

    No business experience, no governmental experience and she used to be a Adjunct Professor for USC a while ago? I don’t think so. Cayce needs to be run like a business. With the economy the way it is, we don’t need a Mayor that someone will have to hold their hand to get up to speed. We need someone with business experience.

  6. Michael Brakefield

    I was thrilled to return home from overseas to discover Elise was running for office. I worked with Elise for many years at the University Student Health center and know that she has the skills to lead our City. While I don’t spend much time in the U.S. these days, Cayce is my home. In addition, I have owned a business in the City and worked for the Police Department. The City has lacked quality leadership for years and Elise is just what we need. She is not running because she has an axe to grind or because she is trying to build her resume. It is easy to see that Elise already has her dream job, which is raising her children! Elise is running for Mayor because she wants to make the City of Cayce a better place to live.
    Michael Brakefield

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