Arrrgghh! They’re coming!!!

Just got this from Warren:

Brad, I’m going to start scheduling the folks running for (Columbia) city council. I believe there are seven. Would you share some dates you’re available next week and the week after so I can try to get firm commitments when I first talk with these folks? Thanks.


How unfair is this? We just got done with endorsements in the presidential primaries, what — five seconds ago? Now we’re starting on those seeking Columbia city council seats on April 1.

And here’s the killer — we have to start on state and county offices (the real biggie, in terms of volume) immediately after that, because those primaries are coming June 12 — just days after legislative adjournment. (Extra fun: This is the year that we do the Senate as well as House.) And as soon as those are over, we plunge into endorsement hyperspeed to make runoff selections within the fortnight, then we go through those weeks when we’re extremely shorthanded while we take turns taking some time off, then Labor Day starts us on our general election round of interviews.

Somewhere in all that, we’ll give some thought to choosing between McCain and (I hope) Obama — but given this schedule, not a whole lot of time.

Oh, yeah, I just realized that there’s an editorial point in all of the above. City elections should happen at the same time as the others, rather than having "stealth" elections in April, wedged between higher-profile races, when voters’ guard is likely to be down. April elections depress turnout.

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  1. Richard L. Wolfe

    Brad, If all that stresses you out then forget about it and just look at the girl in the red dress on the front page. Ha!

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