Those two-timing politicians

In The Know: Are Politicians Failing Our Lobbyists?

A reader who is also a political consultant enjoyed this dig at lobbyists, and brought my attention to the above video from The Onion, titled "Are Politicians Failing Our Lobbyists?"

Personally, I prefer the print version of the The Onion. This particular clip’s not all that funny to me, because it’s no more stupid than the actual talking head discussions I hear whenever I’m tied down and forced to watch 24/7 cable TV "news."

60 thoughts on “Those two-timing politicians

  1. Politics=ALoveHateThing

    I like the print versions too. Where you have time to sort out the blather. And cable “news” is often just propaganda. Fox News, in my experience, is one of the most culpable. Except for Greta! I love Greta — she is REAL — and apparently, above the fray when it comes to indoctrination schemes.

  2. KeepingTheFaithInLexington

    Re: Indoctrination schemes
    “Father” Robert Sayer, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Lexington, South Carolina…
    …should have his a55 handed to him on a platter by the Pope — so he can go back to public relations. Maybe for the Mob.

  3. Robert M.

    It’s funny that you derisively referred to cable “news” by putting the “news” part in quotes. Especially funny coming from someone who works for The State newspaper

  4. bud

    Robert M., you are right on with your comments. Today’s front page lead story was about inmates working on a dairy farm. Is that really worthy of the front page of the state’s largest “newspaper”? At the very bottom of the front page there was a short story about the $4 national average for regular gasoline. It seemed like sort of an afterthought. There really aren’t many stories more important than this.

  5. Richard L. Wolfe

    Bud is right. The high cost of gas and the ripple affect is the only game in town.

  6. Lee Muller

    Gasoline prices are up $1.98 per gallon since Democrats took control of Congress and the Senate in 2006 and blocked drilling in all big new oil fields in the US, created a $1.00 per gallon subsidy of ethanol, and increased the tax on imported ethanol to 51 cents per gallon.

  7. p.m.

    The State was about a half day off the news cycle for the $4/gallon story, so it was positioned correctly. Nice touch with the hose suggesting something coiled around us, too.
    The prison story was a bit of a yawner, but it’s good to know our correctional facilities are saving money by raising their own food and correcting inmates’ behavior by giving them a chance to cut their sentence by learning farming.
    Monday is a slow news day, usually. Live with it.

  8. bud

    This should be the front page story in tomorrow’s paper:
    Committee Releases Proposed Abramoff Report
    Chairman Waxman and Ranking Member Davis issued a proposed Committee report on White House contacts with Jack Abramoff that concludes that Mr. Abramoff had personal contact with President Bush, that high-level White House officials held Mr. Abramoff and his associates in high regard and solicited recommendations from them on policy matters, that Mr. Abramoff and his associates influenced some White House actions, and that Mr. Abramoff and his associates offered White House officials expensive tickets and meals.
    We have a crook for a president. We certainly don’t need to give him a third term.

  9. Lee Muller

    Did anyone at the White House ACCEPT the meals and tickets offered by Abramoff? Why would they, since they have chefs and probably thousands of free tickets coming in the door every day? What were they supposed to have give in return for a free meal?
    We KNOW that convicted swindler Resko helped Obama buy a $2,000,000 house for about 1/8 that.
    We KNOW that Mrs. Obama got a $360,000 job working 12 days a year from a hospital, as soon as Barak was elected to the U.S. Senate.

  10. p.m.

    You don’t have a place to stand, bud, not when Obama is a graduate of Chicago politics, and not with the Clinton’s laundry list, and you can’t go all in with nodes like Waxman, Reid, Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, either. There’s no moral high ground there to support your weight.

  11. Brad Warthen

    Good news, bud! Bush can’t get elected again. So I know you’re going to be relieved… In fact, it’s way better than that. The Republicans are going to nominate the anti-Bush, John McCain. And if you don’t like him, you’ve got a great candidate on the Democratic side.
    As I keep telling y’all. This is the win-win election…
    Those of you who want to continue the game of choosing one side and demonizing the other are really out of luck this year. Both major parties went with the candidates in their parties who were LEAST likely to foster that sort of campaign. Sure, the party hacks and full-time polarization industry inside the Beltway is going to try to MAKE this the usual kind of mutually destructive fight that they love, but they’ve really got the wrong two candidates for that.

  12. Lee Muller

    How do square your self-proclaimed patriotism with Obama having so many close friends and advisors who hate America, are terrorists and convicted cop-killers?
    Do his promises of freebies to you override all his sedition?

  13. Reader

    Hey, is anyone else having trouble getting mail/comments to either of these two Websites?
    1) Google Michelle Malkin (and why is she wearing that tinfoil hat??)
    2) Commenting on the

  14. Reader

    OK, Greta — since the psychos that run Fox News have blocked my posts to you [and they are somehow involved in a Michelle Malkin site squelching] I will have chat in code with you here.
    I think the egg has something to do with Eggther and the Rooster [Norse Mythology].
    Have a great day!

  15. GretaBlogger

    Blogger JC is probably a McCain loyalist who doesn’t want the truth to get out amongst the dangerous [ooh] women voters. And by the way, if McCain would induce Senator Lieberman to turn on his own party — would it also not be possible for McCain to sell-out all that is America to foreign influences?
    Storm, stir one up! If the American public can’t be open to finding the truth — they need to relinquish their voter registration cards. Quick.
    ~~~Viva La Hillary~~~

  16. BG&W Blogger

    RE: Drive-Bys Try to Sink McCain with Hillary Story
    El Rushbo,
    That McCain is just trying to manipulate our Hillary. And, Rushbo, if you could read body language you would realize that is a tepid welcome for his misplaced affections in that photo — the WAY I SEE IT.
    Viva La Hillary!!
    Vivo El Rushbo!!
    Viva Vivo El Rio – El Rushbo!!!
    I just make up Spanish because I think it is a beautiful language!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. GretaBlogger

    OK. There is the right eye squint again!!! I think it has multiple meanings in cyberspace.
    Brad, I know I’m just one post away from being Off El Bloggo. Then what will I do???????

  18. The B

    P.S. Something is amiss at Yahoo. Someone is hijacking my e-mails and sending them all the way to California before they get to Massachusetts. Amazing!
    Look — if there are so many diehard McCain zombies in the MSM, why don’t you all just bully someone to change the law to allow moving the election up a little? Forget the primaries. Let’s knock it out now. Cast your vote. How about Saturday? Before people have a chance to change their minds?
    Surely, you all can pull that one off. Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. The B

    P.S. Michelle Malkin, I see you have revised one of the pictures on the Google Michelle Malkin photos. But, there is still that signature leg spread thing. I hope that you haven’t succumbed to that game. Maybe that’s the impression we are supposed to get. Spread ’em and doors fling open — they fling off their flippin’ hinges!!!!!!!!!
    But, it won’t last forever. That is not true equality!!

  20. GrettaBlogger

    Betty, if the powers-that-be would LET ME POST MY COMMENTS, to this:
    June 12th, 2008 at 6:01 pm
    Find memories of a dart board in son’s room – man, I made lots of holes in that poor wall – ✈ ✈ ✈
    Whoa, [insert race] Betty (bam-A-lam)…

  21. GretaBlogger

    Re: Because you ask…
    Good grief – are my posts not getting through because I am not a paying subscriber? And not due to a Vast Rooster/McCain Conspiracy?
    Make the blogging terms explicit! Make them flashing, neon [insert color]! Spell it out!
    Because some of us really DID just fall off of the [insert fruit or vegetable] truck!

  22. GretaBlogger

    Man, this is getting fun. The bull’s eye — my husband has an electronic dart board in the garage. When you make bull’s eye, it sings in a gruff, electronic, manly voice…
    Buuuullllllll’s Eeeyyyyeee!
    I will have to record it and figure out how to get it into my freebie blog posts here.
    It’s way better than the actual game!!

  23. ThatWomanAgain

    Hey Michelle — here is one of the e-mails I have been sending you since June 5. Someone at Yahoo has been messing with my business. Or maybe yours. Or maybe you just think I am a pest. You wouldn’t be the first one. Believe me!!!!!!
    Hey You — Michelle!!!
    Just FYI, when you Google “Michelle Malkin” the first thing you see are two photos of you in a bikini, followed by you in a dunce (or tin foil?) cap.
    ….Not what you probably want to have as people’s first impression…
    Love your Web site — but still waiting on UserID/Log-in info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. .

    ***Be it known that my beloved husband is going out on an overnight fishing trip on Lake Murray with suspected hoodlums that like to crash RC boats to smithereens in what appear to be veiled threats. Being as it is Friday the [insert bad number], I just want to report that he will be out there amongst questionables.
    Muchas Gracias to the Water Patrollers***

  25. The B

    Yahoo! ads are managed by one or more perverted pr*cks.
    1. the cleavage-bearing, strawberry-eating, genetically selected-lipped- and -eyed cartoon whore…

  26. .

    and so a lady in Food Lion asked her little buddy [grandson?], “did you get it?” She asked this sort of right in my ear as she was passing the other way. She was carrying two packs of Breyers Ice Cream; and he was also carrying two packs of Breyers Ice Cream.
    I just smiled. When I do get it, they’re getting a load of it right back at them.
    Hey — McMafia:

    >>>Oh, are you getting it?<<<

  27. .

    Prayer to Continue to Fight for God
    Lord, if your people still have need of my services, I will not avoid the toil. Your will be done. I have fought the good fight long enough. Yet if you bid me continue to hold the battle line in defense of your camp, I will never beg to be excused from failing strength. I will do the work you entrust to me. While you command, I will fight beneath your banner.
    Saint Martin of Tours
    Memorial 11 November

  28. GretaBlogger

    Back here, in my cyberspace hole…being good and not getting arrested, sued, fired, killed, etc.
    RE: FOX NEWS PHOTO STORY @ 9:45 PM 6/17/08
    Economy Makes Bottled Water Out, Tap Water In
    …Bottled water should also be out for the obvious reasons that psychos can and would infiltrate the bottling sites and sprinkle little pharmaceutical gifts into the vats.
    I am only suspicious of this because a certain psycho has been hawking the bottled water thing — and now the bottled ‘vitamin’ water — to my [former] best friend [she thinks I have bitten the big crazy apple] and my son — who is 18, and whose opinion means NUTS…
    All in a day’s work, people…

  29. D*MN-Bloggers

    The Dallas Morning News.
    Morning Views.
    The Views of the easily-led Obama-zombies.
    “HUGE NEWS HERE” 6/17/08
    3:18 PM Tue, Jun 17, 2008
    Rodger Jones
    [ANOTHER TEST POST..apparently bit the dust]
    Hear, Hear Melody. I have first-hand experience with Michael’s respect for women’s rights. And women in general.
    Go ahead, let my comment go to the smelly bowels of Dallas Morning News’
    Blog-o-Communistically-Suppressed thoughts….
    But hey, read it first…and we have a name now…the disaffected orphans of the Dem’s and the Rep’s : The HILLACRATS !!!
    Does that sound like a Bill Clinton Original or what?!?
    Posted by: ~~~Viva La Hillary~~~ | June 17, 2008 10:15 PM

  30. ~~~Viva La Hillary~~~

    Nevermind!!! They posted it.
    …Let freedom ring!!!
    …Let the white dove sing!!!
    Let the whole world know that today…is a day of reck-o-ning……..
    copyright: Martina McBride – Independence Day

  31. GretaBlogger

    Re: Obama Adviser: Pooh Bear, Luke Skywalker Hold Lessons for Foreign Policy
    Oh Good Grief!!! Is this country in an intellectual fog — a psychedelic poot or WHAT PEOPLE?!?!?!?!?
    P.S., Like I did with Ron Paul,
    ***I officially apologize to Bill O’Reilly for calling him a junk yard dog***

  32. GrettaBlogger

    P.S. Google junk yard dog — look at the puppy-in-the-middle. We gotta get a quote from Mary Matalin re:
    …put lipstick on a junk yard dog & you’ve still got a junk yard dog… 🙂
    P.P.S. Calling Ron Paul a worm was especially naughty b/c I am [just a little] bird.
    Come Back Ron Paul!!! We need you. You take care of the respecting life and economic issues & the rest of us will put together some sort of war department…

  33. GrettaBlogger

    There goes Fox News again — can’t trust them for long [the media arm of John McCain].
    With Huck now spinning things, freedom of thought is a lost cause, people!!!

  34. Heidi Peacock

    M-E-M-O to the W-O-R-L-D:
    Great news!!! The “International Herald” [the ‘global arm’ of the “New York Times”] has at least temporarily pulled their showcasing of the very degrading ‘artistic’ renderings of Richard Prince. Particularly his “Nurse” paintings and the morose “cultural” aberrations evolved therefrom.
    And good riddance to this ill-boding onslaught in the NYT’s “mini-rag.” The masks could reasonably be viewed as a preconditioning to “the new normal” — a possible Islamic- or Nazi-style female servant-hood. Perhaps this “artist” will now quit harassing the world with his twisted vomit.
    And perhaps his next nurse won’t be:
    …Psycho Nurse

  35. GretaBlogger

    Insom has a ‘harasser’…or someone wants to make her [?] believe she has said harasser. A couple of “blog moderators” have tagged up on me @ “Dallas Morning News, Morning Views.”
    It has all become a game on the [so far] DEMOCRATICALLY OPEN GretaWire.
    …Tactics. Just commie freakin’ tactics.
    P.S. There are major shenanigans going on at GOOGLE and YAHOO!

  36. Thug-Mo

    The buzz – 6/20 PM detention:
    “American Roulette” — assuming this will be played out with various and sundry vehicles.
    Multiple states.

  37. GretaBlogger

    Crapola!! I can’t believe I missed the show tonight! Maybe you’ll put it to archive and I can watch it tomorrow. That Nancy Pelosi is wicked, Greta!
    P.S. I know you look forward to hearing from “YMMV” — and don’t make a wardrobe choice without wondering what he/she/it would do. 🙂
    Toodle Loo. P.S. The Rooster’s legislative henchman is still around. For now.

  38. BloggingMyBrainsOut

    Does anybody else ever visit my ‘conversation with myself’ room here?
    What have you been doing all day? You blogged not today!
    Idea for “We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby” [or maybe too far for some male humanoids] Blog-a-Thon:
    Source(s): The History Channel 6/26/08 &
    ***Branks Masks***
    Branks were popular during Medieval times and throughout the 1600s in America. Branks, also called Scold’s Bridle, were metal face masks that some women were forced to wear. They looked like an iron cage. All a husband had to do was accuse his wife of nagging and the mask was put on.
    Women who disagreed with their husbands, who were found guilty of cruel gossip or of any other minor offense had to wear the Branks. The Branks usually had a tongue depressor with spurs or sharp edges. When this went into the woman’s mouth it made talking painful. The mask was meant to humiliate the woman. Some of them had a chain attached to the front so the victim could be led through the streets or tied to a post.

  39. HolidayWeekendBlogger

    Good Grief!!!
    No wonder I have no credibility with the MSM!!! From the above reads, which are all from the same poster, which is ME…
    …We are currently ported at SchizophreniaLania. My husband [who once had a pet which I sadly couldn’t tolerate — a ferret named WeaselLania], is the only one who understands any of this…
    And that is why God said that marriage is permanent. Nobody else can do what is now necessary but him…

  40. Granny

    I see you have taken off all references to boat smashing, restaurant burning, stalking @ the grocery store, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.

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