Hilarious SNL sketch about Hillary, Sarah

ot very often these days am I able to say this, but the skit that started SNL last night, with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton, was easily up to the standards of the show back when it was funny.

You’re got to watch this. It’s hilarious.

13 thoughts on “Hilarious SNL sketch about Hillary, Sarah

  1. Bill C.

    This is “hilarious”??? Maybe if you’ve been smoking dope for the past 4 hours prior to watching it. But by then you’d find a sock laying of the floor funny. Typical SNL material, which has been unwatchable since about 1985.

  2. bud

    Now that we’ve had our fun with Sarah Palin it’s time to come down to earth and focus on the 2 men who are at the top of ticket. Palin is clearly unqualified to become president and hopefully if McCain wins we won’t have to deal with that but let’s move on.
    The financial news over the weekend extends the economic carnage of the Bush presidency to a whole new level. This is the result of policies pushed by the likes of McCain’s erstwhile economic advisor Phil Gramm. This is a man who really has no interest in the long-term economic health of our country and certainly doesn’t care about the “whining” working class folks who are losing their jobs and those who still have jobs that are suffering huge income loses. What is desparately needed is change. Given McCain’s track record, choice of arrogant economic advisors and poor economic proposals that mirror Bush we can only expect more of this same.
    So let’s change direction with a promising young man who has the vigor and intelligence to lead our country out of the morass of the Bush years. McCain is not up to the task either physically or mentally. The man doesn’t even know how to send e-mail. How out of touch is that? Worse, he promises essentially the same failed policies of borrow and spend to pad the bank accounts of the ultra rich. Only Barack Obama, with the help and experience of Joe Biden, can we expect to move our economy forward through the 21st century. So let’s stop focusing on the diversion of Sarah Palin and instead look at the two men at the top of the ticket. With an honest assessment of these 2 men it’s clear who is the better choice. And that’s Barack Obama.

  3. Bill

    Funny, BUT VERY SCARY, Palin could have replaced Tina Fey and done the part straight!
    Wow, is McCain completely out of his mind!
    He said she was more qualified (his actual words) than Romney, Tom Ridge, Joe Lieberman, Obama, or Biden to be President of the United States.
    He must be on CRACK!!!!!!

  4. george32

    i don’t know if the performers were up to the gilda radners, jane curtin standard or if the writing was quite as crisp, but it was the funniest thing this intermittent watcher has seen on snl in years. i am not sure if it just my curmudgeonly self or the fact that the performers and i are all sober when the show is on these days, but it doesn’s seem as funny as it once was and we seem unable to laugh at ourselves as we once did.

  5. p.m.

    If y’ all would just quit watching SNL, maybe it would finally go off the air and John Belushi could rest in peace.
    No other show has ever been so much a shadow of its former self as SNL has become.

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