The latest Fey-as-Palin SNL skit

orry to be late posting this. I had a busy weekend, and actually didn’t go back to watch this until this morning. Saturday the wife and I and several of our descendants participated in the Walk for Life, Saturday night I was at a belated 70th birthday party for my former boss Tom McLean out in Blythewood, and Sunday we celebrated both my 55th birthday, and my younger son’s 28th. Busy, busy. How was your weekend?

Anyway, as for the Biden-Palin skit from Saturday night — very funny, very much above the show’s standard for the last couple of decades, but ya know, nothing is going to hit me with the freshness of that first Palin-Hillary skit. After that, they’ve so far just been good sequels. The true genius was in the first one.

But just so you’ll appreciate the latest such sequel, the below clip from Saturday night’s show is more typical of what we get these days. Don’t bother watching past the first few seconds. It doesn’t get any better…

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  1. bud

    Wow. The DOW continues to fall. It’s now down over 600 points on the day. Wow.
    The failures of the Bush administration just cannot be exaggerated. I’m going to do some research to see if, indeed, George W. Bush is the worst president in American history. There really is no case for anyone being worse since WW II. None of the post WW II presidents have the total package of complete foreign policy ineptitude, failures in domestic crisis management and a thorough inability to work with congress to manage economic matters in a constructive way.
    So what does this have to do with the SNL skit? Tina Fey has a pretty easy job of paroding the Alaska Governor. All she really has to do is repeat her own words. This illustrates the ludicrous choice McCain has made. Bush was also someone who connected with the common man. We see how that’s worked out. It’s clear by now that Sarah Palin is utterly unqualified to be president. With a GOP victory in November Palin stands only a very old heartbeat away from becoming just that. What a very scary thought, a female George W. Bush.
    John McCain has now shown the country his true mettle by this horrible choice. The voters don’t need to ratify this decision by making the worst voting choice since, well, 2004, by electing the McCain/Palin ticket. That would be a catastrophe.

  2. Lee Muller

    What has Obama done which qualifies him to be President?
    Co-manage his campaigns with Bill “Bomber” Ayers?

  3. Brad Warthen

    bud, I realize that for Democrats, it’s always about the economy. But how do you lay the stock market at Bush’s feet?
    I mean, criticize the man for his many failings. Hell, criticize him for going into Iraq. You and I disagree vehemently about that, but at least we agree that THAT is something for which he was and is responsible.
    Vague stuff like vast economic forces that neither W. nor I understand seem like a reach. But from my own mean understanding, it seems to me that the failures in credit markets result from trends that have LONG been in the making (way more than 8 years). And some of the things that caused it — broadening homeownership — are not inconsistent with concepts held dear by many Democrats.
    It would be really offensive for a Republican to blame the crisis on Democrats because a lot of Democrats are tight with payday lenders — one of the industries that exploits the poor, but wraps itself in the cloak of helping the working class. That would be cheesy. Seems it’s almost as bad, if not AS bad (such comparisons are fuzzy) to blame this situation on Bush or Republicans in general.
    Yes, I think we’ve had fairly feckless leadership out of Washington leading up to this, from both the Republican administration and the Democratic Congress. But to blame this complex set of forces on Bush, Pelosi, et al., and suggest that an election will solve the problem, is to misunderstand what’s going on.
    I think a truly transformative figure such as FDR could perhaps set a tone for the nation that could help pull us out of this. But as much as I like them both, I don’t think either McCain or Obama is an FDR. In other words, I don’t think any one leader got us into this, and no one person currently on the horizon is likely to get us out.
    But thanks for gigging me. I should probably put up a separate post about the stock market….

  4. Lee Muller

    Most of this mess began with FDR and his socialist administration:
    * Government housing, government mortgages, FNMA and FMAC, FHA
    * Wage and price controls
    * Company pensions and health insurance to attract workers under wage and price controls
    * Takeover of unhealthy banks and healthy railroads and other industries.
    * Takeover of Wall Street firms.
    * Industrial production boards
    * Huge government confiscation of land for highways and reservoirs.
    * Work camps run by the Army
    * Social Security welfare for the elderly
    * Government medical clinic
    * Deficit spending

  5. just saying

    Are you trying to make FDR sound good, or bad? I can’t see anything in your list along the lines of “Deregulating banks to the point where they can invest in really stupid security things no one can understand until they blow up”

  6. Lee Muller

    The problems in the mortgage derivatives markets was not created by “deregulating banks”, but by socialist Democrats IMPOSING regulations forcing banks to make large numbers of loans to minority borrowers who had no business buying houses and getting mortgages.
    FNMA and FMAC guaranteed these junk mortgages, so the mortgage brokers and banks unloaded them as fast as they could on FNMA and FMAC, just making money off closing costs and inflated fees.
    Under Clinton, these new “subprime” mortgages increased from 2% of new mortgages to 20%. To bring more and more people who were less able to buy houses into the mortgages, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters, John Spratt, James Clyburn, and others forced banks to stop asking for down payments, proof of income, assets and credit history.

  7. Randy E

    Brad, here’s how the economic crisis is a republican created problem. There is a “shadow market” in which TRILLIONS of dollars worth of sales were unregulated in agreements called “credit default swaps”. In essence, the investment banks sold the bad mortgage packages and were allowed to sell “insurance” that guaranteed these sales. This “insurance” could not be called insurance so it would not be subjected to REGULATION. They were allowed to get away with this for years. The GOP supported/supports such deregulation with gusto and these banks were allowed to self-regulate.
    Here’s a link to the story.

  8. Randy E

    I failed to mention that when the mortgage packages went under, the “credit default swaps” were not backed by sufficient reserves because they weren’t regulated. Hence, banks were zapped for the TRILLIONS without the funds to cover these swaps.

  9. p.m.

    A Republican is president.
    Democrats control the House.
    This mess is everybody’s problem, not just one party’s.
    And Sarah Palin is every bit as qualified to be president as Barack Obama, unless having a friend who bombed the Pentagon is a necessary qualification.

  10. Mike Cakora

    They told me if George Bush were re-elected this would happen…
    First there’s this, but hey, it’s their country and they need to enforce their rules.
    But my main point is that I wuz gonna post a link to the quite hilarious SNL skit on the current financial crisis — featuring Nancy Pelosi, Bush, and Barney Frank — so I typed “snl skits” into my search engine and found a link to the SNL video page. I didn’t see the skit, so I spent several minutes looking around the site and got nada.
    I go back to the search engine and look around until I found that the video had been removed. (You can see screenshots and transcript here.)
    Would NBC cave in to White House pressure to remove a video from its archives? Probably not. But apparently NBC does listen to others.

  11. bud

    Brad, you bend way over backwards to try and be non-partisan, to the point that you invent problems with the Democrats to try and give a sense of balance. Let’s just be truthful here for a moment. The current economic crisis is one of poor regulation. It’s also one of excessive consumer spending and greed. Both of these problems stem from conservative principals. First the regulation problems. Both parties are responsible for the lax regulations in the housing industry but the GOP’s mantra for many years has been to get the government off the backs of business so they can create wealth, jobs and all the rest of the good things that flow from a free-market. The call for deregulation was answered during the Reagan years and amplified by the GOP congress during Clinton’s tenure.
    The second problem is excessive debt spending. People were buying houses and using other forms of credit that they had no chance of paying back. The banking industry encouraged this by sending out credit cards to folks who had no business with one. Car loans have balloned to 7 years. Houses were financed on the promise of continued price appreciation. After 9-11 Bush explicitly encouraged people to spend more. Did Democrats exacerbate the problem with their push toward home ownership? Yes. But the over-riding problem in my view is the corruption and greed of Wall Street and the banking industry that followed the GOP prescription for laissez-fair indulgence. The Bush Administration, through it’s negligence and lack of leadership on this issue stands out as a major factor in this debacle. Indeed Bush has failed to prevent any crisis (9-11, the financial collapse). And, he’s failed to deal with any crisis once it begins to unfold (Katrina, “My Pet Goat” incident). Bush has achieved the status of worst ever president the hard way. He earned it.

  12. Bill C.

    SNL has just beaten this poor horse to death. We get it, Tina Fey looks like Sarah Palin.
    Maybe you could do a blog article on the “Obama Youth”. Kind of reminds you of late 1930’s Germany… when another person organized a youth movement.
    I wonder if Osama gets elected, if Ayers will be allowed to come visit his buddy at the buildings he tried to blow up? Maybe they can ask the good Rev. Wright to come too.

  13. Lynn

    I just hope the Palin jokes stay funny. Reports of her events in the past several days are not amusing. It isn’t good material for a joke when she once again attacks the mainstream media for her bad interviews (she has no responsibility for the words coming out of her mouth?) and works the crowd up until they turn on media people present. This morning the Washington Post reported the following response from the crowd: “Palin supporters turned on reporters in the press area, waving thunder sticks and shouting abuse. Others hurled obscenities at a camera crew. One Palin supporter shouted a racial epithet at an African American sound man for a network and told him, “Sit down, boy.” No, Palin didn’t say that, but Palin and McCain know what kind of half-buried hate they are playing with. Shame on them.

  14. bud

    Bill, you need to have a sense of humor. The Palin skits are hilarious. Best thing on SNL in years. The Obama guy is pretty funny too. They do need a better McCain though.

  15. Bill C.

    Nothing wrong with my sense of humor. I just don’t find hearing the same joke over and over as funny the 3rd or 4th time.

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