Mayor Bob calls it quits!

Well, I sure didn’t see this coming. Looks like it’s going to be Mayor Steve Benjamin (unless some other similarly viable candidate emerges because of this news). Here’s Mayor Bob’s statement:

I wanted to let you know that I have made a personal and family decision that twenty years as Mayor of Columbia is enough, and I will not run for re-election next year. I have had the honor of serving as Columbia’s Mayor and have enjoyed every minute. I count as a source of pride being called “Mayor Bob.”

Working together over the last two decades we have accomplished a great deal. Columbia and our neighborhoods have been revitalized, reversing three decades of  declining population; we have started Innovista and Engenuity that are critical components of our entering the knowledge economy; Columbia’s Downtown and Riverfront have been revitalized including the Gervais Streetscaping, Publix, Main Streetscaping, EdVenture and Three Rivers Greenway; we built the Convention Center, the Hilton Hotel and the Colonial Life Center; and under the leadership of Ike McLease we successfully navigated BRAC in 2005.

While we have accomplished much there is still much to be done during the remainder of my term including funding the RTA and addressing homelessness.

I will not be seeking any other political office but will concentrate on my family and law practice. On behalf of the Coble Family we would like to thank the citizens of Columbia for allowing us to serve as Mayor.

Wow. How about that?

10 thoughts on “Mayor Bob calls it quits!

  1. kbfenner

    You mean you don’t think Joe Azar is a viable candidate?

    Kirkman is rumored to want to run, but of course he risks losing and thus losing his vote on Council entirely. I think Steve Benjamin attracts a lot of the same business voters as Kirkman, and also people who are turned off by Kirkman.

    I wonder if Anne Sinclair will run now, or some “neighborhood” person. Can’t think of anyone off hand, but…

  2. BillC

    Mayor Bob has just realized that he’s screwed up this city so bad that he himself now realizes he can’t fix it. Maybe he can get a dean position at Benedict College along with his sidekick Rev. Charlie Austin.

  3. Maude Lebowski

    I think that everyone who has bitched and moaned about Coble’s terrible leadership is now going to see what that actually is.

  4. Lee Muller

    Kind of like Barack the Obama replacing George W. Bush.

    Don’t think Benjamin is a shoo-in.
    People are fed up with slick shysters after six months of the Obama Revolution. They might turn out at the polls to stop Steve Benjamin, and the black vote he thinks is sewed up might not be too keen on electing the loan shark who has been into their pockets.

  5. Randy E

    Benjamin is going to be better? How so?

    This guy cited his business experience in overseeing predatory loans to the poor or needy and now he’s responsible for helping to look out for them?!?

    Maybe he’ll incorporate those 375% APR loans he used at Advance America for the RTA funding.

  6. Lee Muller

    Randy, are you one of the six people who still believes Obama is better than Bush?

    I guess my analogy is lost on you.

    But we find common ground on not wanting a loan shark who exploited poor black people to be mayor.

  7. Brad Warthen

    You’ll have to scoff at whatever I say later, Doug. I’m fresh out of opinions tonight. I feel horrible. All day I’ve been telling people, “Don’t be afraid; it’s just allergies — I’m not contagious.” But I feel so awful now, I don’t think allergies explain it. Sorry if I infected you, folks.

    I WOULD try to think of something to say about the Columbia mayoral race. I WOULD finish that long piece I tried to write this afternoon that explains Joe Wilson to the world (1,365 words, but I’m not done yet). I WOULD make fun of that ridiculous rip-off of the “I’m a PC” ads that the S.C. GOP just released (did they MEAN for it to be a parody?)…
    But I feel too awful…

  8. Greg Flowers

    Coble saw the writing on the wall and acted prudently. I would like to see Kirkman run, he would have my vote, but I will be very surprised if Benjamin is not inaugurated in April. It is time again for a forceful visionary such as Kirkman’s father. Can Benjamin be such a man?

    I looked at the add and it stated many of the reasons I vote Republican. It certainly did not strike me as ridiculous.


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