Big Pharma should be paying me to do this

I’m conducting an experiment.

I just took some extra-strength Tylenol that expired in 2002. (Maybe I should have stuck to the non-alcoholic “beer” the way Thad Viers did at “Pub Politics” last night — although actually I think this is more of a sinus congestion thing.)

So far I haven’t keeled over. No hallucinations. I haven’t grown a third arm or anything. Wait…. no, that was nothing.

If I can get some funding from Tylenol, I’ll write up the results, assuming there are any…

5 thoughts on “Big Pharma should be paying me to do this

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    I have read in reputable sources that the expiration dates are fairly arbitrary and that unless a drug has changed color, texture or smell, it’s fine to use.

  2. Wally Altman

    If they’d pay you for research that shows expired drugs are still good, it would probably be because they wanted to bury it. I’m sure they’d much rather have us buying the latest formulation.

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    The research that showed expired drugs were still good was done for the military, I believe. They stockpile meds for various reasons, and didn’t want to discard perfectly good stuff.


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