Bolchoz endorses Wilson for attorney general

While I was at Rotary at 1 p.m. today, Robert Bolchoz endorsed Alan Wilson for the Republican nomination for state attorney general.

So if you’re Leighton Lord, you’re worried right about now. You would have barely trailed Wilson in the vote last Tuesday, 39 percent to 37. The question becomes, how much of his 24 percent can Bolchoz deliver?

I don’t know. We’ll see. More on this race later. I’m trying to get some face time with the two remaining candidates.

3 thoughts on “Bolchoz endorses Wilson for attorney general

  1. Michael P.

    Maybe but some of us just don’t like Alan Wilson.

    I find it interesting that his excuse for everything handed to him from his dad, “happened before he was in Washington”. So he doesn’t deny he was handed everything.

  2. Brad

    Here’s the release from the Wilson campaign about the Bolchoz endorsement:


    Former Candidate Says “Alan Wilson Has the Right Experience to be Attorney General”

    (COLUMBIA, SC – Monday, June 14, 2010) Former candidate for Attorney General Robert Bolchoz joined former South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon in endorsing Alan Wilson at news conferences today in Mt. Pleasant, Columbia and Greenville.

    Last Tuesday, nearly two thirds of South Carolina Republican Primary voters sent a statement that our next Attorney General needs to be a proven prosecutor.

    Bolchoz, a former Chief Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Solicitor and Assistant Solicitor, agrees, saying, “I got to know Alan Wilson on the campaign trail. He’s a man of integrity, character and a proven leader. From the courtroom to the battlefield, he has proved he has what it takes to be Attorney General. I am proud to endorse Alan Wilson for Attorney General because he has the prosecutorial experience South Carolinians need.”

    Wilson is now the only candidate for Attorney General with prosecution experience.

    “Robert Bolchoz is the real deal,” Wilson said. “He was a great competitor and has become a good friend. The only thing better than seeing Robert and his family on the campaign trail is having them on my team. Robert is a proven prosecutor who shares the same values in faith, family, and freedom that I do. Receiving Robert Bolchoz’s endorsement is a tremendous honor and I am proud to have both Robert and Charlie on my team.”

    “Alan Wilson is the only prosecutor now running to be South Carolina’s Chief Prosecutor, “Bolchoz added. “Alan and I agree our next Attorney General needs proven prosecution experience and so do an overwhelming majority of Sheriffs and more than 60 current or former prosecutors who are backing Alan Wilson. We support Alan because he has the real experience working with law enforcement to put criminal behind bars and keep our families and streets safe.”

    Former Attorney General Charlie Condon also gave his backing to Wilson. “I’ve been a  Solicitor, an Attorney General, and a Managing Partner of a law firm,” Condon said. “I can tell you first hand our next Attorney General must be a proven prosecutor.  That proven prosecutor is Alan Wilson. Alan has an impressive resume and will make us proud as Attorney General.”

    “I have seen Alan Wilson fight crime first hand and I know he will make an outstanding Attorney General. That is why I urge all South Carolinians to join me in supporting Alan Wilson for Attorney General,” continued Condon.

    Bolchoz and Condon were joined at the news conferences by United States Representative Joe Wilson, who is the father of their choice for Attorney General.

    “It is an honor to have the support of Charlie Condon. I have greatly admired his work as both a Solicitor and as Attorney General and hope to follow his lead when it comes to keeping our families safe,” Wilson said.

    Alan Wilson is a proven prosecutor and an Iraq War combat veteran. He is a former Assistant Solicitor and a former Assistant Attorney General.  Wilson and his wife Jennifer have two young children, Michael and Anna Grace.  They live in Lexington.

    Learn more about Alan Wilson and his campaign for South Carolina Attorney General at


  3. Greg Jones

    Again, I didn’t get to vote in the Republican primary because of local races so I didn’t research the Rep. races too deeply.
    I didn’t know Alan Wilson was Joe Wilson’s son. In fact, I shook his hand at a Carolina baseball game, and had to ask my companions whether he was Republican or Democrat. What are these people spending their money on?
    I do have an interesting thought, though. We are now on DirecTV, and no longer see the Columbia or Charleston (or even North Augusta) TV stations. We get Savannah. How many border folks are missing any TV advertising being done?

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