Nikki Haley’s husband is NOT following me


Tim Pearson with the Nikki Haley campaign just sent me a message saying,

The Michael Haley twitter account you’re quoting on your blog is not Michael Haley.  Just someone with too much time on their hands.


YIKES! Sorry about that.

In an earlier version of this post, I had announced that as of last night at 11:12, MichaelHaleySC had been following me on Twitter, and had posted the following:

One week everyone! Don’t forget to go vote for SC’s next Governor, Nikki Haley! I’d be honored to be your “first dude!”
about 11 hours ago via web
Check out the campaign’s latest TV ad!……I might have made an appearance!
about 11 hours ago via web
Larry Marchant is a liar, plain and simple. Thanks for all your prayers.
about 1 hour ago via web

None of that struck me as the usual kind of spoof you see on Twitter, so I was taken in and actually thought it was from Mr. Haley.

Apparently not. Sorry. Thanks for the heads-up, Tim… assuming you ARE Tim…

9 thoughts on “Nikki Haley’s husband is NOT following me

  1. Bart

    First of all, I am not an expert at deciphering if a person is lying or not. I have studied the subject and do have a passing knowledge of some of the tells.

    I watched the interview with Larry Marchant, the entire 24 minutes. During the interview, he displayed most, if not all of the symptons of someone not being totally honest. He kept eye contact for too long overall and he kept looking away and blinking when he was talking about the “encounter” but did not display the same mannerisms when he was talking about other things, things he knew well. Unless his constant blinking is a nervous tic, which it can be, I have one, he was not being truthful, at least in my opinion.

    At this point, unless there is a security video showing Haley going into his room or vice versa, I will have to give 75% to Haley, 25% to Marchant.

    Why Marchant is doing this, I don’t know. If the encounter was known only to him and her, why were there rumors about it? If he didn’t talk about it and she didn’t talk about it, where did the information come from? Someone said something and it had to come from one or the other.

    This is becoming too much of a sideshow and takes away from the important issues facing us in SC. The crazies do come out during an election year, don’t they?

  2. UNot Uncle Larry

    He had me up until the part where he said it was the first time he’d been unfaithful to his wife.

  3. Michael P.

    Sounds like Will Folks to me. I wouldn’t trust anything that douche bag said or wrote. This is why there needs to be a law for justifiable homicide in this country, in the grand scheme of things some people are better off six feet under.

  4. Elizabeth

    Don’t be fooled. This happened. The men may be creepy,I do not know if they are or not, but there is way too much evidence with the phone/text info, and no body is going to take one for the team in this way. She is lying and there are no doubt more people that know that first hand. Husband is pitiful. Wonder is she is paying him to keep quiet? BTW, she is not hot. Why are all these men daydreaming of her? of the 3 people in this drama, none of them are pretty. But, you know, character is more important anyway. Ohhh, character. Now there is a topic.

  5. Michael P.

    Elizabeth, who are you to determine who is hot and who isn’t? For all we know your face could stop a clock.


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