Yes, Henry, THAT’s the way you do it…

… you play the guitar on the M-T-V…

Oops, got off track there. Wrong video.

What I meant to do was applaud Henry McMaster for a positive campaign ad, which helps remove the bad taste from some of his Obama-and-his-allies-are-dangerous-radicals approach of late.

I don’t agree with everything Henry’s saying in this ad, titled “It’s time to show the world what South Carolina can do”:

I have a plan to put South Carolina back on the Path to Prosperity. We’ll grow small business with lower taxes and less regulation. Encourage innovation and recruit high paying jobs in emerging industries. Expand our ports and open our economic door to the world. Improve education with choice, accountability and higher standards. It’s time to show the world what South Carolina can do!

… especially the idea that “choice” is the very first thing our schools need. Or that “lower taxes and less regulation,” while laudable in themselves, will substitute for building the workforce that businesses want and providing the basic societal infrastructure they need. But what I like here is that Henry’s talking about SC presenting a positive face to the world (for a change), instead of making us look like the wacky extremists that too many think we are already.

He’s talking about what he’s FOR, rather than trying to resonate with negative people about what they’re against.

Good one, Henry!

4 thoughts on “Yes, Henry, THAT’s the way you do it…

  1. Doug Ross

    Top banner ad on another SC political website for Mr. McMaster says “Obamacare is unconstitutional. Learn how you can join Henry and throw it out.”

    So which McMaster would you endorse? It seems like you REALLY want to endorse him even though he keeps doing and saying the things that you say you despise about politics.

  2. Doug Ross

    I guess another question would be whether you would accept a generic banner ad from his campaign with the knowledge that he is sending out mostly non-Brad Warthen approved messages in other outlets?

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