Meanwhile, from the soon-to-be-FORMER mayor…

I received this from Bob Coble over the weekend:

I am attaching the City’s current Budget and Investment Reconciliation Statement that shows all of the City’s bank and
investment accounts are reconciled and balanced.

I am attaching the link to the City’s current financial that is on our website. The statement is through April.

Also, attached is the link to our current check register that is through April 30th. The register shows all the checks written by the City this fiscal year.

I wanted to give you a budget update. We are continuing to make progress in bringing in a budget. The current budget’s expenses are $5.7 million under budget. General fund revenues are above target. Next year’s proposed budget includes, through greater efficiencies, an additional $500,000 for police overtime. We will add 15 police officers
from stimulus funding. The fire department budget fully funds all fire suppression and prevention responsibilities, and fully funds all firefighter staffing levels. Additionally, we have eliminated over 30 unfilled positions saving over $1.4 million.

Columbia’s financial statements are current and on the City’s website. The City’s check register is current and online. All City bank accounts and investment accounts are reconciled. The City’s general fund rainy day fund and GASB 45 reserves are above $30 million. Moody’s reaffirmed in 2009 the City’s excellent credit rating for the general fund and the water and sewer fund. I will continue to keep you posted.

I also received a copy of an op-ed he sent The State. Last time he sent me one of those I posted it here before The State could consider it, and I worried that I was hurting his chances of being published. Makes me hesitate this time…

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, from the soon-to-be-FORMER mayor…

  1. Michael P.

    Hey I just saw on WIS the clip on the flooding in 5-Points. Wasn’t this bazillion dollar, Mayor Bob stamp of approval, make-over supposed to prevent this? It looked like the new Walgreens store had water about a foot deep at the front door… same as it would have had prior to all the construction.

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    No, it actually wasn’t. The water table in Five Points is very close to the surface, so when enough rain falls, gravity won’t take care of it. The redo of Five Points sewers was in large part so they wouldn’t collapse and take whatever was on top with them.

    I’m no civil engineer, but neither are Bob Coble and the city engineers magicians. If enough water falls, it will back up unless you dig the Grand Canyon further downstream/downhill. The topography is the problem.

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