Fund-raisers are really… quite emotional… aren’t they?

At some point, I should probably unsubscribe from all these Democratic Party fund-raising emails that, since I was on James’ campaign, do more to clog up my Inbox than anything. But I continue to be mildly fascinated by the various strategies they employ to try to get me stirred up enough to open up my wallet.

They seldom try to do this with reason. Talking me into a rational decision to invest in their causes isn’t really part of the playbook. They’re more about stirring emotion — elation over good news, sorrow over bad news, outrage over anything done or said by their various stock villains (Mitch McConnell, that insane woman from Georgia, You Know Who)….

And sometimes, they weep. I’m referring to the headline on the email pictured below: “tears in our eyes.”

They’re sort of like what Reisman said about Col. Breed. They’re really — quite emotional, aren’t they?

Come on, people. Your cause is just — what the Republicans are trying to do, in the way of suppressing the vote, is a bad thing. But hold off on the waterworks, please. You don’t want me looking at you like this, do you?


2 thoughts on “Fund-raisers are really… quite emotional… aren’t they?

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    By the way, I don’t get nearly the stuff from the Republicans than I do from Democrats — since James is a Democrat and all.

    I do get some really disturbing stuff from some Trumpist sites. I would cut them off, too, but I feel the need to keep an eye on them. And not for entertainment value, either. It’s more like keeping tabs on a chronic disease…

    One of their emails today was headlined, “Watch Gen. Flynn: Donald Trump Is Still The Leader.”

    Which makes me think, yeah, he’s still the leader of stupid. He’s still the leader of crazy. And until the stupid and the crazy realize he’s dragging them lower and lower, they’re going to keep sinking.

    Of course, they don’t mean it that way, do they?…

    Anyway, here’s the site that stuff is coming from, if you’d like to look upon it and be appalled…

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      OK, now the “Trump Report” people are sending out threats. Their latest email headline says, “Here’s Your Early-Access VIP Link To Join Mike Lindell…”

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