An “alternative” Nikki Haley? Nope. Her sister…

Twisted Sister — whose music both Nikki Haley and Sarah Palin employ as a theme, in spite of their Family Values messages — represents one kind of irony. Here’s another kind, and it also involves a sister — specifically, Nikki’s. (At least, it’s her sister unless there’s another person with the same name who looks this much like Nikki.)

When I first saw the picture above, I thought it WAS Nikki — maybe Nikki in an alternative universe — but then I saw it was her sibling, Simran Singh. Her Web site describes her this way, in part:

Simran Singh, Visionary, Life Coach, Talk Show Host, Publisher of 11:11 Magazine, Founder of C.H.O.I.C.E. (Collaborating Holistic Organizations Inspiring Conscious Empowerment) and Creator of BELIEVE…Choices for Conscious Living, utilizes the mind, body, and heart to support individuals in realizing authentic personal expression by tapping inherent power and potential via self-inquiry and conscious choice. Through honoring and illustrating value for each step in the journey, her products and services bring to awareness one’s inherent value.

So many choices! N.O.W. has “reproductive choice.” Nikki has private school “choice.” And her sister has “Collaborating Holistic Organizations Inspiring Conscious Empowerment.” What a country we live in! Something for everybody.

Be sure to check out the video on the site. Way, WAY New Age:

Tune in and turn on… feed the mind… embrace positively… release the tension… step out of fear. Host Simran Singh will help you broaden your mind and open your heart toward a greater understanding… on Seventh Wave radio… because shift happens.

You might want to check out the recordings of some of her shows. Like this one about Jesus’ “30 Lost Years” and his connections to Eastern religions. The coming Age of Aquarius and the quest for the philosophers’ stone are mentioned in connection with her guest, “a renowned American clairvoyant.”

Yup. It’s a very interesting world we live in.

25 thoughts on “An “alternative” Nikki Haley? Nope. Her sister…

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Well, they all look alike, y’know.

    With Photoshop so prevalent and excessively used, it could actually have been a well ‘shopped pic of Nik.

  2. Brad

    I don’t know about “they all.” I just know that THESE TWO women look alike. In this picture, at least. There’s another picture of Simran on the Web site that looks quite different.

    By the way, you may or may not remember Simran as one of the community bloggers recruited by The State for “” several years back. The experiment didn’t last, and the content is no longer available, but she was one of them. We had actually invited Nikki, but she offered us Simran instead.

  3. Corey H

    Man, Brad, where you on this blog when Tommy Moore was running for governor? Might have saved the state some money with that one don’t you think?

  4. Brad

    Oh. The sibling angle. OK, I see. I did not remember that…

    Are you saying there was something obvious about him that I would have seen surfing the Web, that I could have warned the state about, thereby saving it money? If so, I’m sorry I missed it.

  5. Brad

    Oops; I misled y’all slightly. That link above isn’t exactly “her Web site,” in the sense of her one and only personal site. Rather it’s the Web page of her radio show, which is merely one of her several enterprises she has going.

    You may also be interested in looking at the site of her magazine, 11.11, which features yet another different image of her, and this statement of her philosophy:

    “Philosophy: We are all one…we experience and desire the same things. There are many roads and they are simply paths all leading to the same place. Follow the string of truths within each one and you will find they align, connect and end in the great Source of Love that created all things. The Divine within me honors the Divine within you. Let us unite and become ONE.”

    Pretty interesting philosophy. Hardly sounds like someone related to the woman who is such an absolutist on Tea Party ideology, the one who insists it’s not good enough just to be a Republican; you have to be a “conservative,” as SHE defines it. No way Nikki would ever say, “There are many roads and they are simply paths all leading to the same place.”

    And then there’s what appears to be her main, overarching site, BELIEVESC, which links to the others and includes a blog. And if you want to learn the significance of “11:11,” listen to this interview on something called “Higher Love.”

  6. Brad

    Michael P., in another of his unapproved comments, said, “Boy, so obsessed with Haley that you’re now looking up dirt on her family members…”

    Really? Dirt? Where? I saw no dirt here. Anyone else see dirt?

    No, I leave the dirt to Nikki’s actual SUPPORTER over on that other blog

  7. Brad

    Tell you what, folks — that Michael P. is a piece of work. Now he writes, “So by deleting my posts and not answering them, I obviously touched a sensitive subject. Since you won’t answer them I just might have to e-mail your boss to get an answer.”

    You do that, Michael. You go right ahead.

    And I’m sorry I confused you about why you’re off the blog by quoting you once. The reason you’ve been banned is that other readers were sick of your incivility, and it was creating an environment that made them not want to read the blog.

    But you go ahead and ask your question of the folks at ADCO, since you seem obsessed with that subject now. The partners are Lanier Jones, Brian Murrell and Lora Prill. You can find contact info at

  8. Doug Ross


    It’s not dirt. It’s just another cutesy way for you to try and put another dig at her. The condescension and Palin-esque eye rolling comes across loud and clear.

    You’ve got the Sheheen playbook down pat. “I’m better than her not because of what I am but because of what she is”.

  9. Maria

    Brad, I wouldn’t call it “dirt” either, but it does drip with sarcasm… Could I respectfully suggest that we focus on the candidates and their issues rather than dragging their family members and their jobs/vocations into the picture? And I’m not just referring to Haley, but to all candidates. There’s enough out there on them to fill ten blogs. Let’s give the families a break.

  10. Steve Gordy

    As a resident of Aiken County, Tommy Moore’s departure for the greener pastures of lobbying saddened me, but his brother’s criminality is a side issue in this instance. Also, since you’re picking on dead people (my cousin Billy Carter), I’m sure you could find an apposite example closer to home.

  11. Doug Ross


    You may not believe this but my interest in the Haley/Sheheen campaign is not very high. Why? Because the governor of South Carolina has no real power to do anything. The only real reason I support Haley is because I know she will make life difficult for the people truly responsible for South Carolina’s government: the House and Senate leadership. They run the show. They own the budget. They own the economy. They own the schools.

    I’d gladly consider voting for Sheheen if he made the effort to define what specific issues he will focus on and provide details on those plans. So far, he’s just a nice family guy/rich lawyer who says he isn’t Sanford. That’s not going to drive people to the polls nor convince enough conservatives to switch.

    Sheheen is Jim Hodges lite until he proves otherwise.

  12. David

    I agree with Doug. Whatever the intent, that’s the way it comes off.

    Unless you believe we should check out all that stuff because you think New Age is really interesting and would be appealing to your readers.

  13. Greg Jones

    Chill out, folks. I think the humor/edification angle is okay.
    I do think it’s reasonable to know things about the candidates families/friends.We’ve seen over and over how those relationships are often forces that affect politicians’ actions.
    Just don’t hold it against ME if my siblings are crazy!

  14. Kathryn Fenner

    “You’ve got the Sheheen playbook down pat. “I’m better than her not because of what I am but because of what she is”.”

    I’m confused. “Better”has to do with the relative merits–I am great or you are not great–either way I am better than you.

  15. Doug Ross


    If I say you are worse than me at swimming that doesn’t make me a better basketball player (even though I am 🙂 )

    Sheheen says he’s better than Haley on transparency (his version of transparency). That doesn’t mean he’d be a better governor.

    I’m waiting for Sheheen to clarify what he is better then Haley — I know, I know, he’s got Kumbaya down pat on the harmonica for his first meeting with Bobby Harrell and Hugh Leatherman. What else?

  16. Barry

    Doug Ross says:

    The only real reason I support Haley is because I know she will make life difficult for the people truly responsible for South Carolina’s government: the House and Senate leadership.

    You haven’t been paying attention Doug. Haley won’t make things difficult for the House and Senate Leadership.

    Like Mark Sanford, she’ll make herself totally irrelevant to the House and Senate Leadership.

    She’ll turn the opportunity to work with them into a promise that they will ignore her. Again, just like Mark Sanford.


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