Virtual Front Page, Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just really quick:

  1. Oil Platform Explodes, 13 Workers Rescued (WSJ) — Fortunately, it did not turn into a “Here we go again, y’all…”
  2. Leaders Agree to Successive Rounds of Mideast Talks (NYT) — A turn of the screw, but an important one.
  3. Hurricane Earl Roars Toward N.C. Coast (NPR) — Not quite a local story, but almost.
  4. Afghan election campaign workers ‘killed in air strike’ (BBC) — Two were also wounded in the NATO-led strike.
  5. Bernanke, Bair Defend Markets Overhaul (WSJ) — The Fed chair defends his actions at the critical moment two years ago.
  6. Will on Bulge veterans: ‘Indisputable American heroes’ ( — The event honoring the veterans of the Ardennes campaign was today.

One thought on “Virtual Front Page, Thursday, September 2, 2010

  1. bud

    Yawn. Another oil rig disaster. This is becoming rather routine. But do we ever learn anything? We really need to figure out how to get along without fossil fuels. And soon.

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