“The Brad Show:” Mia Butler, House candidate

With time running out, I thought it would be a good use of our video time to help voters get to know a last-minute candidate, one who hasn’t had the benefit of long exposure to the electorate. So last Thursday, Mia Butler visited our studio.

Mia, a Bennettsville native like me, is the Democratic nominee for S.C. House District 79, which suddenly found itself without an incumbent when Anton Gunn suddenly went to work for the federal gummint.

Ms. Butler is running against the far better-known Sheri Few, the frequent Republican candidate.

I have a lot of footage of Ms. Few from the last time she ran, and plan to edit some of that and put it up this week. Don’t let me forget about that…

4 thoughts on ““The Brad Show:” Mia Butler, House candidate

  1. Norm Ivey

    Thanks for this post, Brad. It’s difficult to find much about Butler because she got into the race so late. It helps to see and hear her. Her website is much improved from the first time I looked at it, so if your readers have not visited it lately, they should view it again.

    Isn’t that a Panasonic Detonator 8-track player on the shelf behind you? Does it work? I had a red one. I wore it completely out.


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