“The Brad Show” 2011 season premiere! Starring Dick Harpootlian!


I saw that Pub Politics was going to have Dick Harpootlian as their guest tonight, and decided to scoop ’em. It wasn’t hard, since I had already interviewed Dick last week.

Anyway, here’s the video.

Were there any bombshells during the show, along the lines of wanting to rent the black vote, or opposition pols being light in their loafers? Well, there WAS a comment about a certain GOP senator and hoop skirts. But I wasn’t actually trying to elicit such. It’s just that Mr. Harpootlian is rather irrepressible.

I’m involved in negotiations with his opponent in the race for state Democratic Party chair, Phil Noble — negotiations that consist of trying to find time when he’s in town and the studio is available (Dick’s office is just a few blocks away, and that made it easier) — but no dice yet. In a pinch, we may have to fall back on a phone interview, but I hope it doesn’t come to that. There’s also the possibility of Skype, which would be an innovation for the show.

But we’re all about innovation here at “The Brad Show.” That, and in-depth discussion of the issues of the day. Who knows what we may get up to in this new season? I certainly don’t. We just sort of make it up from episode to episode…

6 thoughts on ““The Brad Show” 2011 season premiere! Starring Dick Harpootlian!

  1. Brad

    This is fun. I had left the Web page of Pub Politics up earlier, and suddenly I hear voices. And for the last 10 minutes or so, I’ve been seeing and hearing Wesley and Phil doing sound checks and stuff.

    A moment ago, a young lady stood in front of the camera and adjusted her skirt. She was either bringing something to the table, or taking it away, or whatever. I wasn’t focused on that part…

    Nothing like live TV…

    They need to get me on that show again. So I can be the first-ever SIX-timer…

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