Quick! You have anything you want to ask Dick Harpootlian?

He’s going to be here in a few minutes to tape “The Brad Show” (the first one of the new season!). This should be fun. But I’m thinking I should have some questions ready for him. I’ve got at least one ready, from this release he put out yesterday:

Fellow Democrats —

If we want to win elections, we have to fight.

The Democratic Party is a “big tent” of people committed to caring for those who are most vulnerable.  Our party attracts many kind, compassionate people who are not inclined to “go for the jugular” — and that’s a good thing.

Republicans, on the other hand, are motivated by self-interest and a willingness to do anything to win.  They’ll continue to win for years to come if we don’t change our ways.

I have earned a reputation as a tough guy, and while that may be unsettling to some of you, it’s exactly what our party needs right now.  We don’t need a nice guy or gal at the helm.  We need someone who can and will throw a punch at every opportunity.  It’s how we will hold our elected leaders accountable, and it’s how we will allow our candidates to focus on sharing positive plans for the future rather than defending themselves from “mudslinging.”
I’ve included a web video in this message that I think you’ll enjoy.  It’s an example of the sort of aggressive accountability that I will bring to the office every day as your next party chair.

I hope you’ll take a moment to watch it and share it with your friends.

If we work together and fight hard we will beat Republicans in South Carolina and usher in a new era of progress in the state we all love.


Dick Harpootlian

Of course, it’s not much of a question. I’m just going to say, “How’s it going, ‘Tough Guy’?” I’m going to say it all scornful, like one gangster to another.

But that’s not going to fill much airtime. So do you have any ideas for questions? Hurry up. He’ll be here in less than 15 minutes.

7 thoughts on “Quick! You have anything you want to ask Dick Harpootlian?

  1. bud

    Mr. Harpootlian, as you noted the Democratic party is a big tent party of compassionate folks who look after those who need help the most. As such it seems to be a party that likes to get along with everyone. This seems somewhat at odds with the tough political fights needed to win against the hard-nosed GOP. If Democrats get too tough won’t that turn off many of it’s base supporters who find comfort in it’s “let’s just get along” demeanor? Converseley if not tough enough they won’t appeal to independents.

    Do you agree with this characterization? If so how do you resolve this delima?

  2. Brad

    Thanks for the quick comeback, Bud. As it happened, I SORT of asked something along those lines, but it was more like, “Is that what we need more about in politics? Tough guys? What, we don’t have enough confrontation?”

  3. Brad

    By the way, Chris Haire of the Charleston City Paper responded to my call for questions thusly on Twitter:

    “Yeah, does he still think it’s okay to use a homophobic taunt to attack a candidate?”

    After we finished taping, I responded, “Yes, he does, based on my interview. Wait… does a taunt that refers to cross-dressing count?”

    Because, you know, Woody Allen raised my consciousness so that I realize that cross-dressing and homosexuality are NOT the same thing…

  4. Brad

    Tom, thanks for weighing in! By the way, I took the liberty of removing all that contact info (and saving it for my own files) to protect you from being hassled.

    But I’ll put back any or all of it if you prefer…

  5. tired old man

    Brad, ask him to comment on this story from the local front of today’s paper which has two darlings of the Tea Party lamely admiting that although they can talk the talk, they are unable to walk the walk.

    2 state agencies ask for more staffers
    Officials say they need help to properly manage funds

    South Carolina’s elected financial officers told a Senate budget panel Wednesday that their agencies need more staff or they risk being unable to manage state money.

    Read more: http://www.thestate.com/2011/04/14/1777999/2-state-agencies-ask-for-more.html#storylink=omni_popular#ixzz1JX3srQac

  6. tom turnipseed

    Its an interesting race for SC Democratic Chairperson. Judy and I are delegates to the Party Convention but will not be able to attend because it conflicts with a very important district meeting of our church in Durham, NC.

    Dick Harpootlian made a fortune as a trial lawyer and has litigated for the public schools when Governor Sanford turned down federal money for public education. Dick is a media magnet, a go-to-guy for media who delivers clever and catchy one liners like “I don’t want to buy the black vote, but just rent it for one day”. He is an attack dog for the Democrats he wants to win. He can damage the public image of a Democratic candidate’s opponent so the candidate is not the heavy. I have questions about the exaltation of Dick’s political effectiveness. He is given credit for Democratic victories in 1998 but what has he done for the party since then other than make generous donations to candidates?

    Harpootlian reached out to video poker operators and helped raise the $$$ that elected Jim Hodges and other Democrats in 1998. I was the Democratic nominee for Attorney General and helped turn out the Democratic Party’s base vote by opposing the death penalty, advocating for gay rights, and being an activist for racial justice. Dick knew I would help the ticket with the black progressive base vote for the ticket. He and I discussed its importance when I was deciding to run. I also have a problem with Dick pouring most all of the video poker money into the Governor’s and other candidate’s campaigns in 1998 and gave me close to zilch. Video poker money was the deciding factor in Hodge’s election.

    Here is an interesting article about the SC Democratic Party’s battle for party chairman:


  7. bud

    It’s good to hear from Tom T. I remember seeing him at the Unitarian Church when I attended their a few times. That was a pretty interesting experience. I wonder if that’s the meeting he’s going to.

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