The SC New Democrats’ survey

Phil Noble’s SC New Democrats are trying to figure out the future of their party (if it has one in SC), so they’ve sent out a survey to the faithful.

Somehow, I got a copy, too:

1,500 SC Democrats have had their say. Have you?


Since we emailed you on Friday, over 1,500 people have completed our “What’s Next” survey. That’s 1,500 SC voters ready and eager to change the game and get Democrats back on the road to victory.

We’re certainly thrilled with the response, but we still really want to hear from you.

It only takes about 5 minutes. Will you take the survey right now?

In less than a month, Nikki Haley will take the oath of office and become this state’s next governor, and for the first time in a long while, no Democrats will hold statewide office, which makes it all the more important that Democrats step up and project a clear vision for our state.

Help us build that vision. Join 1,500+ across the state and the survey now.

We’ll be taking a look at the results this weekend and will report back with the findings.

We can’t wait to hear from you,
South Carolina New Democrats

I went ahead and filled it out, knowing I’d probably skew the results. For instance, when it asked, “What do you think that Democrats in South Carolina do POORLY?” I answered, “Everything. Which is fine by me, because I don’t like parties. Actually, the Dems’ fecklessness sort of endears them to me. Nothing worse than a well-organized political party.”

And some questions, I just didn’t know how to answer. For instance, when the survey asks:

Which best describes your opinion of the Democratic Party in South Carolina?

… what am I supposed to say? I mean, I don’t WANT the party to do better. I want it, and the Republican Party, to go away. But I chose the second option as the closest to my opinion. I mean, if it really DID get “fundamental change,” it wouldn’t be what it is anymore, would it?

Anyway, y’all should help them out and take the survey. After all, some of you are actually Democrats…

9 thoughts on “The SC New Democrats’ survey

  1. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    The term is “all right” –two words, people!–perhaps that, as much as anything, indicates why the Republicans are eating our lunch. When you are the underdog, you have to bring your “A” game every time.

    I wrote to them that I thought running an excellent candidate like Vincent Sheheen was what they did best, and that permitting Alvin Green to win the primary was what they did worst.

  2. Brad

    Kathryn, I said something similar on that one (“What do you think that Democrats in South Carolina do WELL?”), but with a very different twist: “Not much. Occasionally a good candidate like Vincent Sheheen comes along, but the party can’t take credit for that.”

  3. Ralph Hightower

    I want to skew the results!

    I want adults in Washington who know how to compromise for the better benefit of all.

    Not those brats that when they don’t get their way will cry and take their ball and bat, or marbles, home. Jim Demint: get a clue!

    I don’t want obstructionist in DC. I want adults who know how to compromise, instead of crying to Momma that they didn’t get their way.

    Since I voted for Obama, I have the right to criticize Obama. Several things impressed me about Obamaa: 1) He is a multi-tasker; when the stock market tanked, McCain wanted to suspend the campaigning for President (Hitting pause on the VCR doesn’t happen in real life); 2) Obama wanted to lead not just the blue states, but the red states and the purple states. Item 2 is where Obama failed; he should’ve told Pelosi and Reid that you wil work with Republicans.

    What goes around, comes around. What the Republicans did to the Democrats, the Democrats did to the Republicans. What the Democrats did to the Republicans, the Democrats did to the Republicans.

    Nancy Pelosi promised when she became Speaker of the House that she would let the Republicans in the governing process. That was a lost promise and probably resulting the the “shellacking” of the mid-term elections.

    Obama must corral Pelosi, Reid, and Clyburn (third wheel).

  4. Doug Ross

    There is a very big difference between compromise and doing the right thing.

    Compromise in Washington means trading support for one bad idea in order to get the opponent to agree to support your bad idea.

    We need politicians who do the right thing in every case not just giving in on one issue to get something else passed. That’s not compromising, it’s trading influence. It’s a lose-lose situation for the American public. The worst of all outcomes. Unfortunately, that’s the BEST government can do.

  5. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    @ Phillip–but but but we’re Democrats–the party of the over-educated elites who are bring down our country and sucking the fisc dry, don’t you know? At least we should be employing preferred usage!

    and none of your MIT/Steven Pinker grammatical relativism, please! Ivy League all the way!

  6. bud

    If this state and country ever want to regain the greatness it lost during the Bush years we have to get behind the Democrats and vote them into power. The GOP is completely out of control and is bordering on leading this country into a plutocracy that will enrich a tiny handful of wealthy folks who hardly earn their riches at the expense of destroying the spirit of this once great nation.

    David Broder and other pundits rail about the partisanship in Washington and how it is detrimental to getting things done. Fact is the GOP is what is detrimental to getting things done. The Democrats are trying to move the country forward but continue to be thwarted at every turn. Now with the GOP in charge of the House it is likely we will wander in the wilderness for 40 years (or at least 2) with high unemployment, continuous war and a declining quality of life for 290 million Americans.

    The Democrats and the Democrats alone offer us the best hope out of this dark place we find ourselves. Until the pundit class can take the blinders off and see the truth and get off this partisan rant nonsense then we will have little hope. Let’s get moving and kick the sorry GOP to the curb before it’s too late.


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