Parking Meter Santa lives! And he’s back!

You can have your grainy pictures of Sasquatch -- here is my photographic proof of the existence of Parking Meter Santa!

It was more than three years ago that I first posited the existence of a Parking Meter Santa, going about Columbia cheerfully plugging money into meters and chucking softly to himself, thinking of the joy he would bring to the next person to park there.

I based this on having found a space, in October 2007 (it seemed to me more recently; I was shocked that it was on the old blog) on Assembly Street with an hour and 54 minutes left on it. Ho, ho, ho.

This morning, I found one with 1:09 left — 1:08 by the time I took the picture. Not as generous as the time before, but more than I needed. (Perhaps I haven’t been as good as I was in 2007.)

This leaves me feeling much cheerier about the season.

Last night I watched part of Ben Stein’s documentary in which he seeks to debunk the anti-religious gospel of such famous atheists as Richard Dawkins. Well today, we have a settler for those who don’t believe in Santa… Ha! Take that!…

6 thoughts on “Parking Meter Santa lives! And he’s back!

  1. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    Yesterday I was at the Starbucks in Columbiana Mall (don’t judge me) and Santa was sitting on one of the chairs by the window chatting with another guy, sipping his latte. I wish I’d had a camera.

  2. William Tucker

    Mall??? What’s a mall? I heard it was a place years ago where people once migrated to to do all sorts of shopping. But with the internet, I have found that I can find things easier, cheaper and I don’t have to risk getting shot by the mall thugs don’t have to pay sales tax.

  3. Ralph Hightower

    Vending Machine Santa:

    I like your suggestion! Getting change back more than expected change will totally freak them out!

  4. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    @William Tucker – I had to go to the mall, for the first time in forever, because–yay, me!– I have lost so much weight, I can no longer wear my jeans without looking like a rap star. Women’s clothing, even more than men’s, has no rational sizing, so you have to try things on, at least once, to figure out what size you are in each brand. Small local shops don’t carry many long inseam pants, so I have to go to the mall…

    Now, my husband has also lost a lot of weight, and I have found that men’s clothing now has vanity sizing a lot of times, so a 38 inch waist might actually measure 41 inches, which defeats the purpose of buying a smaller size. The inseams are correct, though. I guess shorter guys have come to terms, but not fatter ones. Because he’s a more normal height, I can often score great deals at Goodwill–I take my tape measure, though…


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