Some Bachman, in case you haven’t had enough

For those of you who may have missed Michele Bachman when she was in SC the last few days, here are some things she has said in the past, which a colleague sent to me today:

“Carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful. But there isn’t even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.” -Rep. Michelle Bachmann, April, 2009

“Take this into consideration. If we look at American history, between 1942 and 1947, the data that was collected by the Census Bureau was handed over to the FBI and other organizations at the request of President Roosevelt, and that’s how the Japanese were rounded up and put into the internment camps. I’m not saying that that’s what the Administration is planning to do, but I am saying that private personal information that was given to the Census Bureau in the 1940s was used against Americans to round them up, in a violation of their constitutional rights, and put the Japanese in internment camps.” -Rep. Michele Bachmann, June 2009
“I find it interesting that it was back in the 1970s that the swine flu broke out under another, then under another Democrat president, Jimmy Carter. I’m not blaming this on President Obama, I just think it’s an interesting coincidence.” -Rep. Michele Bachmann, on the 1976 Swine Flu outbreak that happened when Gerald Ford, a Republican, was president, April 28, 2009

Hmmm. Wait a sec. This post may not be in my interest. Rep. Bachman has already been throwing around advertising money in SC, way out ahead of other prospective candidates. If she sees this, she’s likely to think, a) I’m glad to see that Brad Warthen is spreading my ideas for free, so I don’t need to send HIM any ad bucks; or b) That Brad Warthen is holding me up to ridicule, I’m not about to spend any ad bucks with HIM. Either way, I lose.

This is one reason why not many people, admire me as they might, see me as a good businessman.

Of course, I could have just shared with you what she said while she was here:

BLUFFTON, S.C. — Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann told a packed tea party gathering she doesn’t think President Barack Obama is “on our side anymore” as she blamed him for a “foolish” war in Libya and high gasoline prices…

Oh, and here’s what she said on the State House steps today:

You recognize that in Washington D.C., your rights are being taken away from you…

… something that I did NOT know, by the way. You?

12 thoughts on “Some Bachman, in case you haven’t had enough

  1. Doug Ross

    She has no chance of winning. Another member of the “dupe some suckers to give me money so I can spend it on promoting myself” club. Other members include Haley Barbour, Newt Gingrich…

  2. bud

    Where’s the balance? Seems like you should print some crazy quotes from a deranged Democrat.

    Seriously folks, this is the kind of stuff that passes for serious political discourse on the GOP side of things.

  3. Stanley Dubinsky

    Let’s see, reading “among” the lines:

    1. Swine Flu is an affliction sent down upon the people if they durst elect a Democratic Party president.

    2. The Census Bureau (a department within the FBI) is helping shape plans for sending us all (or some “libertarian” subset of us all) to internment (and then, possibly?, death) camps.

    3. CO2 is harmless. The more the better, she says.

    On #1, I’ll bet she’s right. She talks to G-d, so she would know.

    On #2, I hope the camps are up in northern Michigan if we have to go there in the summer. Otherwise, somewhere between Cocoa Beach and Palm Beach.

    On #3, she should move to Venus. Lots of CO2 there.

    Seriously, Michelle Bachman is far, far more entertaining than Lindsay Lohan.

  4. Brad

    OK, this just gets weirder and weirder. Just saw this headline: “Bachmann calls Obama Wall Street’s best friend.”

    So… we have a REPUBLICAN candidate saying someone is Wall Street’s best friend like that’s a BAD thing.

    One of these days, the actual Republicans are going to get fed up with this populist nonsense and step on it. So far, though, they lack the courage…

  5. Barry

    Rep Bachman has no chance- thank goodness.

    It’s pitiful people actually even consider her any sort of candidate for President.

  6. Steven Davis

    Why do people waste time listening to this political loudmouth of the week? Politics in this country is the equivalent to “reality television” on the minor cable channels, where everything is staged and written for the entertainment and shock value. I question the sanity of anyone who voluntarily participates.

  7. Phillip

    What a freak show. Well, you have to hand it to Donald Trump for the most honest appeal to fundamental GOP principles, in his recent swipes at Mitt Romney:

    “I have a much, much bigger net worth. My net worth is many, many, many times Mitt Romney.”

    How refreshingly honest. Since, in the GOP ethos, having more money makes you a better person. Being poor and/or unemployed is due strictly to your own personal failings and shortcomings. Trump understands this predominance of this view better than anybody.

    But, hey, watch out: turns out Obama made $1.7 million in 2010. Maybe he IS an American after all!

  8. bud

    One of these days, the actual Republicans are going to get fed up with this populist nonsense and step on it.

    Uhhh, Brad, I hate to tell you this but Bachman is typical of this year’s crop of GOP candidates for president. Is she any weirder or more populist than Donald Trump, Sarah Palin or New Gingrich? There are many things I find disturbing about Mitt Romney but he does at least seem reasonably normal. And that makes him an extremist in today’s GOP.

  9. Nick Nielsen

    Bud, Mitt Romney is probably the best candidate the Republicans can put forward. Unfortunately, that makes him a “RINO” and ineligible for the nomination.

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