Vincent Sheheen wants entire DHEC board to quit, hints at impropriety by Nikki Haley

I don’t know what Vincent Sheheen knows, or thinks he knows, but he comes on pretty strong in this release I got from Phil Bailey a few moments ago:

Sheheen Calls DHEC Port Decision a Costly Blunder

Calls for DHEC Board’s Resignation

Columbia, SC  – State Senator Vincent Sheheen of Camden today called the state’s Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) unanimous decision to allow the dredging of waterways to the Port of Savannah a costly blunder and called for Board members to resign immediately. Sheheen issued the following statement:

“Today’s decision by the DHEC board is a disaster for our state’s environment and our future economic growth. Selling out on protection of our sensitive natural habitats and our own economy is a blunder that will cost us dearly in jobs and natural resources. The DHEC Board members should resign immediately and Governor Haley should replace them with knowledgeable individuals who will represent the best interest of South Carolina and who are not campaign contributors to Haley. I am further requesting that state Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell convene an investigatory committee to review whether or not the DHEC board was improperly influenced.  I am also calling on Governor Haley to disclose immediately all contributions, if any, she received from persons or corporations residing in the state of Georgia during the last six months.”

“The actions today show a disregard for our state’s economic and environmental interests.  Every person who loves this state should be shocked.”


Here’s what little I know about the action that prompted the release, from The Associated Press:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The board overseeing South Carolina’s environmental agency has approved a compromise with the Army Corps of Engineers over a permit to dredge the Savannah River.

The agency’s board voted unanimously Thursday to accept the agreement, putting Georgia and the federal government a step closer to deepening 35 miles between the Atlantic Ocean and the port of Savannah, Ga.

DHEC staff denied the Corps’ water permit request in September. The agreement was reached minutes before an appeal before the board.

It includes Georgia’s promise to pay for upkeep on devices the Corps will install to inject oxygen into the river, and agreeing to preserve an additional 1,500 acres of marsh.

Patrick Moore with the Coastal Conservation League says his group will appeal the decision to the state’s Administrative Law Court.

There seems little doubt that this is not good news for SC, but I have no way of knowing whether there is anything nefarious going on.

14 thoughts on “Vincent Sheheen wants entire DHEC board to quit, hints at impropriety by Nikki Haley

  1. `Kathryn Fenner

    My bird-watching parents used to take us to the Savannah Wildlife Refuge, a unique habitat which The State reported will be threatened by the dredging. Why DHEC sold out Charleston, one can only speculate, and note that Vincent Sheheen is no Dick Harpootlian who froths at the drop of a hat. There are indicators of fire here.

  2. `Kathryn Fenner

    Naw, my parents aren’t into special outfits for anything. There’s church clothes, everyday clothes (some of which used to be church clothes) and yard work clothes.

    I do know a lovely woman who does the Jane Hathaway look 24/7. I wonder if Stacy and Clinton could persuade her to change, and if that would even be a good thing.

  3. Lynn T

    Well, FITS reports that her flip-flop on this is not unrelated to the role of the chairman of the Georgia Ports Authority in scheduling speakers for the Republican National Convention, or with her recent fundraising efforts in Georgia. One takes FITS’ reports with a substantial grain of salt, but in this case it seems that even the very reliable Sen. Sheheen smells a very similar large rodent.

  4. Rose

    the governot had a lot of tough words at first for the port dredging situation, picking a fight with Georgia and saying “Georgia has had their way with us for way too long, and I don’t have the patience to let it happen anymore.” (very unfortunate choice of words, I think)
    Soooo what happened? The original DHEC ruling was based on SCIENCE. Sounds like this reversal with the new board was based on … what? Politics. Money. Because now she says:
    “We have to say ‘What do we need to do that is right for the region?’ Our goal is to make sure every port (in the region) is successful.”
    I thought she was the governor of South Carolina, not the region.
    Pay to play.

  5. Juan Caruso

    Whatever Vinnie Sheheen is hinting to know, some of us are going to be very curious about “how long he has known it”.


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