The Ariail cartoon that plumb tickled them ol’ fancy-pants NLRB lawyers

Here’s the Robert Ariail cartoon that the smart-a__ Yankee NLRB attorneys were passing around and giggling about:

WASHINGTON — Lawyers for the federal labor agency fighting Boeing’s new factory in North Charleston, N.C., repeatedly joked among themselves about the dispute and exchanged a political cartoon portraying S.C. Sen. Glenn McConnell as a crass-speaking confederate soldier, according to internal documents released Wednesday.

They enjoyed it as much as they could, but we can take satisfaction from knowing that they couldn’t possibly have enjoyed it on the deeper, convoluted levels of meaning that are accessible to us, the cognoscenti.

5 thoughts on “The Ariail cartoon that plumb tickled them ol’ fancy-pants NLRB lawyers

  1. robert ariail

    Brad, if anyone had asked me I could have told them that that is not Sen. McConnell in my cartoon( it could have been, but I was just using the generic Confederate to make my point- it would’ve LOOKED like McConnell if I were drawing him.) The author of the article called me an “illustrator” to boot- do they not know what an editorial cartoonist is at McClatchy papers? I guess not- they’ve fired all of them.

  2. Brad

    Well, maybe they’d have known it wasn’t McConnell if you’d dressed it up a bit… put him on a unicycle… with a light bulb over his head… dressed in a barrel…

  3. Brad

    Of course it was. That was just a little bit of editor-cartoonist humor. The joke being that editors always want to ruin the cartoon by adding unnecessary cliches…

  4. Phillip

    The McClatchy article is so pathetic on several levels. One is that (in the online version I’m reading on The State’s website tonight) it refers to North Charleston, NC. Secondly, it says the FOA request came from “Judiciary Watch,” but there’s no such organization: it’s “Judicial Watch.” Beyond these sloppy errors, there’s the question of the whole point of the article. What are the supposed “jokes” that the NLRB lawyers are supposed to have made about the case? So one lawyer sent the Ariail cartoon to another, saying hey look at this cartoon about our case. Big deal. Another said, hey look even the Economist thinks we’re right. These add up to the “provocative internal documents” according to this article? Whatever one’s opinion about the merits of the NLRB case against Boeing, I defy anyone to read this article and explain how the examples cited add up to some kind of “disrespectful joking” that warrants the kind of sanctimonious posturing such as we read from Rep. Scott and the press secretary to Gov. Haley.


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