It’s all Jake’s fault, his own caucus keeps saying

I enjoyed this portion of the little heads-up from the Senate Republican caucus about the legislative session beginning today:


Department of Administration: Set for special order

Charter Schools: Being blocked by Democrats

Governor / Lt Governor Joint Ticket: Being blocked by Senator Knotts and a couple Democrats

Appointment of Superintendent of Education: Being blocked by Democrats

PPP and Department of Corrections Restructuring: Being blocked by Senator Knotts and Democrats

That Jake! They just can’t seem to keep that ol’ boy in line.

12 thoughts on “It’s all Jake’s fault, his own caucus keeps saying

  1. Steven Davis

    The only reason Jake doesn’t run as a Democrat in Lexington county is he knows he’d never get elected with the big D next to his name. So what does he do, run with the big R, but votes with the Democrats.

  2. Brad

    Hey, it works for him.

    As I’ve said many times before, I think every politician in the state should run as a Republican. Eliminate all that nonsense about party, and free voters up to focus on the actual candidates.

  3. Brad

    Actually, if Jake wanted to (and I doubt that he does), he conceivably could probably run as a Democrat and get elected now.

    It works for Nikki Setzler. Of course, Nikki has ALWAYS run as a Democrat (or rather, run as a generic candidate — you don’t see party mentioned on his campaign materials). Voters would probably resent an incumbent switching parties on them — because they are deluded into believing party means something, and that therefore a party switch is evidence of a character defect.

    If he had another governor-backed candidate like Katrina Shealy, talking him up as a traitor to the GOP, he’d be vulnerable. Because, alas, many voters fall for such nonsense.

  4. Steven Davis

    It’s a sad state of affairs when clearly ignorant people like Knotts and Clyburn can get elected and stay in office for decades. Anyone who knows either of these two will tell you they aren’t “smart” people.

  5. Steven Davis

    Knotts has enough friends in Lexington county that if anyone challenges him, they’d find their vehicles towed, property in violation of numerous codes, and harassed to no end. There’s a strong good ol’ boy network in Lexington county that would make Boss Hogg and Hazard County look tame.

  6. j

    “It’s a sad state of affairs when clearly ignorant people like Knotts and Clyburn”. .. as opposed to politically ignorant people who vote against their best interest? Clyburn and Knotts are smart individuals but to the politically naive they may appear otherwise.

  7. Mab

    Jake Knotts seems to have a lot of sway with The People. This can be used for good or ill.

    He could call for a political ceasefire in this war-ravaged state and make it happen! He and the rest of the scrappers could (and would) just scrap on their own dime and on their own property. Our lives could return to a sense of normalcy.

    He could endorse a sensible candidate (Mitt Romney) in this election and The People would take him at his word — and We The People could have a competent Leader come next January.

    Then I could take back all the ludicrous things I have said about Jake Knotts. You should hear some of the things I have dreamt up over the years. I might could even say “I apologize.” I never like to say that.

  8. Steven Davis

    “Clyburn and Knotts are smart individuals but to the politically naive they may appear otherwise.”

    Dang, between you and Brad today I’m glad I don’t drink anything while reading this blog.


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