Sheriff endorses Runyan for council

First, a heads-up — I’ve got interviews set with several of the candidates for city council over the next few days, so watch this space. The election is three weeks from tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here’s a item from Cameron Runyan that came in today:


COLUMBIA, S.C. — Columbia City Council at-large candidate Cameron Runyan has received the support of Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott in the at-large election on the April 3 ballot.

“I know that Cameron will lead the fight to improve public safety for all of Columbia,” Lott said. “I’m encouraging voters across Columbia to join me in supporting him for City Council in the April 3 election.”

Added Lott, “Cameron recently went above and beyond to complete the Columbia Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy. I applaud him for making a deep commitment to gaining the knowledge and experience necessary to understand the needs of our law enforcement officers.”

The Citizens Police Academy is a 10-week program that gives residents a first-hand look at law enforcement in Columbia.

“Cameron also understands the importance of creative community policing in our city and the need for community involvement,” said Lott. “He has made a commitment to giving our first responders the technology and resources they need to keep our community safe. And I know that on council his top priority will be working with me and Chief Scott to crack down on crime.”

Runyan thanked Lott for his endorsement and noted the Sheriff’s long record of accomplishment.

“Sheriff Lott is an incredible leader who has created a world-class sheriff’s department and has worked tirelessly to keep our city and county safe,” Runyan said. “I thank him for his dedication to improving public safety and I would be honored to have the opportunity to work closely with him as a member of City Council.”


By the way, I should stress that it’s Leon Lott who is endorsing Cameron, not me. Seeing as how Leon is my twin and all, I just want to avoid any confusion…

But seriously, folks — I met Cameron’s opponent Robert Bolchoz (also seeking the at-large seat is Joe Azar) at Rotary today and got his card. I hope to be speaking with him soon, along with the others…

9 thoughts on “Sheriff endorses Runyan for council

  1. `Kathryn Fenner

    Why is a Richland County official meddling in city elections? Why does Runyan need all these endorsements? Why won’t he apologize for his bad acts in the last election?

  2. Libb

    Well, just another reason Runyan won’t get my vote. Other reasons include the mayor’s inappropriate endorsement and Runyan’s “bad acts” in the last city election.

  3. `Kathryn Fenner

    Runyan accused Rickenmann and Steve Gantt (Steve Gantt!) of corruption in connection with the now-failed Five Points garage project, and … a flyer showing Daniel at a fraternity party in front of a Confederate flag was found on black churchgoers’ windshields one Sunday….we don’t want that kind of politics in city government.

  4. bud

    The Lott endorsement rules me out as a Runyan supporter.

    The Senate just elected John Courson to McConnell’s old post. Bizarre way we do things in this state. Not sure the Senate Pro-Tem should have more power than any other senator. But somehow he does. That should be changed.

  5. Silence

    @ Kathryn – I’d forgotten about the potential garage and city loan corruption, also about Daniel in front of the Confederate flag at a party flyer. You are right, we should keep our politics clean, and stick to the issues.

  6. `Kathryn Fenner

    I like John Courson. Much better choice than the divisive Haley-ite, Harvey Peeler, who brought down the Occupiers, for one thing.

    I think John Courson signaled before Ard fell that he is glad to be a place-holder, and perhaps he will end up Lt. Governor (please, Jesus!), but he certainly is no challenge should McConnell seek to regain his Senate post. I think he could be a good Gerald Ford kind of guy.

  7. Phillip

    Well I vote for Bobby Lutz. Oh, sorry, this is the wrong thread…thought I was on the “who should the Gamecocks hire to replace Darrin Horn” page. My bad.


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