And the runoff begins…

Got this this morning from Daniel Coble:

In Tuesday’s District 3 City Council three-way race, I came within 60 votes of catching front-runner Moe Baddourah and leading the District. In less than two weeks, I face him again in a run-off election for the City Council seat. I am very gratified for the support of friends and neighbors within the District and around Columbia for getting me to this point!! A lot rides on this election. And with your help, we will win Tuesday, April 17.

The contrast between Mr. Baddourah’s priorities and my own for serving Columbia could not be more stark. While Baddourah has run his campaign solely on the interests of businesses, I am committed to a more balanced approach that protects neighborhoods while growing our businesses and keeping them prosperous. The result of Baddourah’s narrowly focused campaign would block progress for our City and put at risk the capacity of the City to fully fund essential services like law enforcement. He hasn’t answered how he would replace lost revenue. And he hasn’t said what services should be cut.

My focus on protecting our City’s essential services like public safety and neighborhood protection is highlighted by the endorsement of our campaign by local leaders such as Sheriff Leon Lott and current District 3 City Council Representative Dr. Belinda Gergel. I want to maintain the City’s capacity to help District 3 residents, small businesses, and our economy. And know that I will represent your interests and all other important issues in our District to continue to strengthen our great city! I would be honored to represent District 3 and to carry forward the important priorities of our community that are the backbone of our campaign:

  • Protecting our Neighborhoods
  • Public Safety and Crime Reduction
  • Environmental Protection and Sustainability Programs
  • Economic and Local Business Development
  • Development of our Cultural and Arts Communities
  • Improved Public Transportation
  • Important Historic Preservation
  • Meeting the Needs of District 3 and Columbia Residents!

I am putting together a plan of action to win on April 17. But I need your help to make it possible. Would you support my candidacy by making a donation NOW to support this larger effort? Your gift of $1000, $500, $250, $100, $50 or whatever you choose or are able to give (donations of any size are greatly appreciated and will be well used), would help me communicate and get out supporters for the run-off election.

In order to help, you can give online here or mail your donations to:

Coble for Council
PO Box 50524
Columbia, SC 29250

Our city is a breathing, vibrant and growing community. Every new generation of Columbia has been tasked with the job of re-inventing our community anew. This is the work before us. And with your help now, we will make this new vision a reality.

I haven’t received anything from Moe Baddourah. I need to give him a call and make sure I’m on his email list…

9 thoughts on “And the runoff begins…

  1. Silence

    I wonder how many potential thousand dollar donors are still hanging out around Columbia, just trying to decide who they should write an enormous check to?

  2. Juan Caruso

    Since first reading commentary here, at, I have been perplexed by by ongoing swipes at future (and current) Gov. Nikki Haley by people presenting themselves as intellectuals.

    Well, today CNN finally confirmed what has probably provided the motivation for such blatantly unsubstantiated allegations and rumor-mongering from the get-go!

    Fear… Nikki has been perceived as a political threat of the highest magnitude to the DNC, and apparently many of the folks providing the unsubstantiated criticism are unabashed, left-wingers pretending to be objective intellectuals like the rest of us.

    Romney and Nikki? Of course. No Republican presidential candidate with MA roots would want to run on a ticket without a southern base, general appeal among men, women and most minorities. Nikki fits that ticket.

    Next time someone wants to bash our Governor, try to have enduring facts.

  3. bud

    Hopefully whoever is ultimately elected will consider the tax burden of city residents and visitors along with the need to have high quality services like a viable bus system. Don’t see how one can exist without the other.

  4. Tim

    sorry, but Mitt Romney gets the South by default. Its a block vote down here for the GOP. The yellow dogs just vote for the other party now. He won’t go with Nikki, because its a repeat of Sarah Palin. And she didn’t help him carry SC. In fact, it was a net negative for him to get her endorsement, and a big net negative to her. That’s an enduring fact.

  5. Mark Stewart

    If that’s Juan, where is the lawyer diatribe?

    Makes me think that maybe he’s really Tim Pearson or someone about like that.

    Nikki for anything of political importance? That’s as funny as Sarah Palin was 4 years ago. That was McCain’s most stupid moment since the S&L crisis in 1985. And I respect the guy. There is no way on earth that a GOP candidate would flounder into that quagmire again.

    Anyway, Romney’s got no cred in the South it seems; so he’s more likely to go for a Southwesterner – or a Midwesterner.

  6. tired old man

    What’s up with Moe?

    Incredibly damaging story in this morning’s The State.

    One thing to think it. Something else to say it at the start of a two-week run-off.

    And sorry, but my last priority coming off a week’s vacation is for a politician to interupt my chores

  7. Juan Caruso

    “If that’s Juan, where is the lawyer diatribe?” – M. Stewart

    Sometimes it is just too obvious to mention, Mark. If Romney names another lawyer as his veep, he loses anyway. Check Republican history.

    Most recently, a fellow named Nixon named another lawyer to serve as his veep once. How did that work out for Republicans?

    I am an independent and proud of it! – Juan

  8. tired old man

    that comment about this morning’s paper was written Saturday

    and re-reading it persuades me that Moe (businessman or otherwise) is succumbing to pressure.


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