Guess what? Todd Akin could get elected (and SC’s Donehue Direct is playing a role in that)

Slatest devoted plenty of virtual ink this morning to indications that the-late-and-unlamented Todd Akin campaign is alive again (cue the “Young Frankenstein” clip”):

FOR REAL THIS TIME: After COB today, Todd Akin’s name is more or less set in stone on the Missouri ballot and will remain there even in the event of his death. But what only a month ago appeared to turn into an unwinnable Senate race for Republicans, now looks likely to go down to the wire.


THE NUMBERS: The latest polling from the Show Me State is about two weeks old, so there is no clear picture of the state of the race. But the last two major surveys (taken the last week of August and the second week of September, respectively) show Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill with less-than-comfortable leads of 1 percent and 6 percent respectively.

AND THAT WAS BEFORE: A handful of GOP heavyweights jumped back aboard the Akin train. Mike Huckabee is sticking with Akin. Phyllis Schlafly is doing a bus tour for him. The Senate Conservatives Fund, headed by Sen. Jim DeMint, is seeking support from its donors to help Akin. And yesterday, Newt Gingrich went to Missouri to headline a fund-raiser for him. “What’s the moral case for not backing the Republican nominee picked by the people of Missouri?” Gingrich said at the $500-a-plate event…

Now, I’ll add something to that. As you read here earlier, Wesley Donehue was brought on After the Fall to raise money for Akin, a fact that Wesley’s been touting in promotional materials for Donehue Direct (see the image below from an eblast).

I checked this morning, and he says the effort has raised $700,000 and counting.

8 thoughts on “Guess what? Todd Akin could get elected (and SC’s Donehue Direct is playing a role in that)

  1. bud

    Not gonna happen. Claire McCaskill is about 8-10 points ahead. Akin just needed to keep his mouth shut and he was in. Now? No way Jose.

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    It’s not that she thinks a fetus with a beating heart isn’t human. She thinks it isn’t an independent life with the same rights as other independent lives.

  3. Mark Stewart


    It’s a biology thing that is just not going to compute with people who imagine principle and wall themselves off from reality.

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