Your Virtual Front Page, Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012

Haven’t done one of these in a while, so here goes:

  1. Iran Fired at U.S. Drone in Persian Gulf, Pentagon Says (NYT) — It happened last week, but apparently we’re just hearing about it.
  2. China starts leadership transfer (BBC) — Thought I should mention this, since it involves the world’s most populous country.
  3. GOP governors scramble over health care (WashPost) — This is because they put off implementing Obamacare until after the election. Something I’m not clear on, and this story doesn’t help me with — where does SC stand?
  4. Order halts certifying Richland County House race ( — Things remain complicated in the House District 75 contest between Joe McCulloch and Kirkman Finlay III, both of whom have been named as winners at different points this week.
  5. How a Race in the Balance Went to Obama (NYT) — If you can find the time, it looks interesting (I’ve only glanced through part of it so far myself).
  6. Giffords faces gunman in court (BBC) — The shooter gets seven consecutive life terms, plus 140 years for good measure.

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