Your Virtual Front Page, Monday, January 7, 2013

As we begin the first full work week of the new year, here are the top stories:

  1. National-Security Picks Face Tough Fight (WSJ) — Indeed, these nominations mark a strong contrast to the more consensus picks the president made four years ago.
  2. Clinton returns to work (WashPost) — I wish she were back to stay; she is a good example of the kind of consensus nominations that characterized the first Obama administration.
  3. US banks agree $18.5bn deal over mortgage crisis (The Guardian) — That includes BofA from up the road in Charlotte.
  4. Ott to step down as S.C. House minority leader ( — Apparently, Harry’s had enough of beating his head against the wall in a body where all decisions are made in GOP caucus meetings.
  5. Police Say Aurora Shooting Suspect Looked Like Officer (NPR) — News from a hearing on the Batman shooter.
  6. Inaugural Ball tickets sell out — before they were set to go on sale (WashPost) — The nation faced much greater challenges when Lincoln was inaugurated in 1861 — but Ticketmaster complications weren’t among them.




7 thoughts on “Your Virtual Front Page, Monday, January 7, 2013

  1. Juan Caruso

    Although many wish Hillary would stay, her fate and Panetta’s were sealed by Benghazi, a stubborn scandal will haunt then and Obama regardless of successive coatings of whitewash.

  2. bud

    Actually you should have picked the college bowls first. Geez where are your priorities.

    Really none of these stories is really top shelf material. I guess it’s a relatively slow news period. A few comments:

    I do like Chuck Hagel for Secretary of War. Seems like a pragmatist.

    The banks came off easy. When will these leaches ever get their comeupance.

    Glad to see Hillary back on the job. The convervative yackers should be ashamed for their assinine attacks on her health.

    1. Steven Davis II

      “The banks came off easy. When will these leaches ever get their comeupance. ”

      Interesting, bud has no problem calling banks “leaches”, but when individuals use it, that’s suddenly a forbidden word for those too lazy to work.

  3. Juan Caruso

    “Clinton said she was leaving long before Benghazi” -KF

    Really? I believe Hillary had only said earlier that she had no aspirations for the presidency, which is not the same.


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