SC Christian Action Council’s prayer for Medicaid expansion

You may have read about the two rallies regarding health care, on opposite sides of the State House on the Legislature’s first day back.

I was just cleaning out email, and noted that, in inviting folks to the pro-Medicaid expansion rally, the SC Christian Action Council invited everyone, whether they could make it or not, to join in the following prayer:

Eternal God, may the voices of people in South Carolina concerned for our neighbors, our families, our friends, be heard in prayer. . .

We pray
For the 200,000 South Carolinians currently without health care coverage who will have coverage when our Legislature enacts legislation expanding Medicaid in our state. Until the hearts and votes needed are changed, may their neighbors, the people of faith in their communities, their families, volunteer and free medical providers, their village walk with them as they suffer the neglect of society for their physical ailments. May we in gratitude for our lives and your generous provision for us, become even more generous and compassionate people until such time as our politicians have done what is right and Expanded Medicaid in SC.
That the loved ones who will grieve the hundreds in our state who will die unnecessarily (as a result of our failure to enact Medicaid Expansion for 2014) will be comforted. That we say “Never again!” and get legislation passed in this legislative session.
That the thousands and thousands of children in public schools who qualify for free lunch, be deemed worthy of high quality, results oriented education which can only be made available to each child when our state fully and equitably funds public education.
That South Carolina puts children first. That we decrease the cost of higher education in our state colleges and universities rather than shutting doors on dreams with excessively high tuitions and fees,
That the voice of each person eligible to vote be protected rather than silenced; be encouraged rather than discouraged, be amplified to a roar rather than softened to an unhearable whisper.
That the constitutionally held right to vote be unfettered by political shenanigans designed to silence those in opposition to the partisans pressing to make voting more difficult.
Creator God, remind we who are made in your image that you so fashion every human. Help us as as citizens of our state, work so that what is right and good for all be done.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the capitol, Obamacare was being likened to communism. So, a difference of opinion.

11 thoughts on “SC Christian Action Council’s prayer for Medicaid expansion

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    And who are these radical lefties, you may wonder? Well, it’s churches such as my own Catholic Diocese of Charleston, both flavors of Episcopalians (Upper Diocese and the breakaway Diocese of SC), the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the SC Conference of the United Methodist Church.

    Kinda makes you wonder why these views are not more mainstream in the Legislature, huh?

  2. Doug Ross

    These types of “prayers” are so ridiculous. Do they really think God is sitting up there in heaven making a determination on how legislation should be handled? Seriously? These phony acts of piety are silly.

    “Oh Lord, please revise section 11.1.7.A,44 of the U.S. Tax Code to allow for an increase in the deduction amount for non-business use of vehicles”

    I lost interest in a previous Sunday school class I attended when the topics of discussion drifted toward praying for McCain to beat Obama.

    I follow the advice of Anne Lamott and her book about prayer. There are three prayers: Help. Thanks. And Wow!

    1. kc

      “These types of “prayers” are so ridiculous. Do they really think God is sitting up there in heaven making a determination on how legislation should be handled?”

      Of course not; He’s too busy helping certain players score touchdowns.

  3. Pat

    I agree that the Church should not fall into the trap of supporting particular candidates (or political parties, for that matter), and it would be difficult for me to worship at a church where this is the case. I have no doubt that there are some churches where the same prayer Doug mentioned has been said and will be said in some future context But the Church is called to speak out on injustice on behalf of and in compassion for the voiceless, the needy, the hungry, the sick, the widow , the orphan, and the poor. I think this prayer is entirely appropriate and, I trust, heard.

  4. elliott

    A question for Doug Ross – Did you read Anne Lamott’s book? I did, and I think she would classify this as a help prayer. After reading your comments, I think maybe I missed the point of the book. I just wondered did you read it, or are you just reacting to the title? Maybe I missed the point and need to read it again.

    1. Doug Ross

      I read the book. This is not a help prayer. This is a political statement. Here’s a help prayer:

      “God help those who are hungry to be fed. God help those who are sick to be healed.”

      God didn’t do so hot with Roe V. Wade, did He?

      And if a Christian in good conscience prays to see Obamacare overturned because he feels that it is the wrong solution to the problem, which side does God fall on?

  5. barry

    That prayer is very definition of a political prayer.

    When the same type prayer is offered against abortion, it’s dismissed as political pandering by groups on the left. (and I’m not really in a group on the right either).

    I loved this part – “That the voice of each person eligible to vote be protected rather than silenced”

    I assume they are talking about voter ID laws- because there is no way in the world that group (Christian Action Council) was talking about the fiasco that was the Richland County Election mess voters had to endure in 2012 (or the recent Nov 13 election when over 1000 votes weren’t counted at all in Richland County)- primarily because that was Democrats that screwed voters on that one.

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