Less than ONE HOUR left to join this (or any other) Walk for Life team!


Not much left to say except that registration for all Walk for Life teams closes in less than one hour!

Please go to this page and click on “Join Team,” and follow the instructions.

Yes, one can still contribute after today’s noon deadline, but this is the last time you can register for only $25 and get a T-shirt that will get you in to the State Fair free.

And yes, I’m going to keep bugging y’all right up until the walk itself on Saturday, Oct. 18.

So why not sign up now, and join the most exclusive team going? So far, there’s just me and Jeff Miller, who won’t be walking because he lives in Washington.

I know — I really fell down on the job by not hyping this sooner and more often. But come on and make me feel a tiny bit less guilty by signing up NOW!

2 thoughts on “Less than ONE HOUR left to join this (or any other) Walk for Life team!

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    And Doug Ross, who has a conflict and can’t participate, went ahead and made a $100 donation!

    Also, I padded out the team a bit by signing up my parents, and my daughter who’s in Thailand.

    If you go to the team page, you’ll see Charlotte Berry also joined. Ignore the $0 next to her name. She’s sending a check. I just went ahead and registered her (using a free registration that I had access to as a Brand Ambassador for the Walk), so she’d get credit for joining…


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