A Trump Rorschach test: What do you see here?

Here’s how Donald Trump tries to win over a constituency he has deeply insulted:

This is the kind of thing that provides an indication whether you are susceptible to being a Trump supporter or not.

Do you see this as:

a) The candidate just been one heckuva smooth charmer, bewitching all the Pedros and Marias into loving him in spite of all; or

b) The sort of ham-handed, tone-deaf gesture that makes you a little embarrassed for the human race.

As Slate wrote, “How did he forgot the sombrero? Where’s the mariachi band? Does he want to win or not?”

6 thoughts on “A Trump Rorschach test: What do you see here?

  1. bud

    The rise of Donald Trump should be the final, ultimate proof that the two major parties in this country are NOT, repeat, NOT equally culpable in the partisan wars that have been waged nonstop since the Clinton administration. His vulgarity, cluelessness, spitfulness and utter lack of any kind of qualifications for the job illustrates what a failed party the GOP has become when it comes to dealing with the affairs of the nation. To borrow a phrase, it’s time to shrink the GOP to the size that it can be drowned in a bathtub. This is America’s best chance to bring back a sense of normal politics so that this great nation debate in a civil manner the best way to move forward again unrestricted by the obfuscation and mean-spirited cacophony of the Republican political trolls. Brad and others in the world of false equivalency should come around to what has been obvious for years and that is there is one party that gives us a chance to move forward and another that will do anything to hold us back. At this crucial crossroads what choice will America make?

    1. Juam Caruso

      Bud, now that you mention “moving forward”, what defines your vision, in terms of major goals to be achieved for ordinary citizens by the (pick your favorite answer: Democrats or Republicans)?

      Oddly, all of the prominent advocates (internationalists, globalists, socialists, etc.) who advocate a one-world government, hide their precise vision of the goals they want to come to pass (Democrats and Republicans alike) currently aligned as a single establishment). Their ubspoken agenda includes world governance by a UN-like organization with subordination of national sovereignties with particular obliteration of our unique U.S. Bill of Rights and empowering Constitution.

      You know, what I think of people who are not forthcoming on such questions? They fall in a category of mindless dolts, utopian dreamers, or outright subversive traitors. Kindly eliminate youself from all three categories with substantive answers to the goals you want to come to pass.

  2. Ralph Hightower

    He should make a campaign stop at South of the Border. Pedro says “Hightower Y’all”

  3. Norm Ivey

    What pseudo-Mexican resturant serves a taco bowl in a ceramic bowl on a charger? It’s a friggin’ TACO BOWL!

    And, yeah, there’s something unsettling about this image…

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