The PEOPLE are demanding that I run for office! Sort of…

Based on the website, these young persons are a better fit for the group...

Based on the website, these young persons are a better fit for the group…

You know how politicians are always claiming that? Well, in my case it’s true!

Sort of.

I got this completely unsolicited email in my actual IN box today:

Brad, here’s something thing we know after Trump’s rally in Arizona last night: You are smarter, kinder, and more empathetic than our president. And all of those qualities would make you a great candidate for office.

I want you to run. I’m asking you to consider it — and at least sign up to learn more about it. Or if you’re sure that now isn’t the right time, ask a friend. Ask ten friends.

If Donald Trump, a man whose grasp on our current situation seems tenuous at best and monstrous at worst, can be president, then you can run for a local office.

Are you in? Good. Go to and sign up right now.


Amanda Litman
Run for Something

Thank you, Amanda — whom I have never met or worked with previously…

… but this isn’t exactly a cri de cœur from “the people” themselves. It’s an organization that exists to urge people to run. But not people like me. They want “progressive” people, which mean, you know… not me.

Also, they want people under 35. Apparently, Amanda saw a picture of me and made a perfectly understandable mistake.

But I appreciate the thought. Or I would, if I believe a decision to contact me had been made by an actual person, rather than a flawed algorithm…

7 thoughts on “The PEOPLE are demanding that I run for office! Sort of…

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Amanda says that I’m smarter, I’m kinder, and I’m more empathetic even than the president of the United States!

    I feel so affirmed

  2. Richard

    Speaking of desperate politics… the Democrats are going after Nikki Haley to run for President in 2020… just goes to show you how bad things are at the DNC when the best candidate they can find is a lifelong Republican. I’m surprised they aren’t going after Chelsea, she’s 37 now and meets the minimum age requirement.

    Hopefully the Democrats can recruit some Republicans to run against our two idiots, Graham and Wilson, and I’ll actually vote for a Democrat instead of leaving that ballot blank.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Nikki’s too old for this group…

      Rare is the candidate of any stripe who’s ready for any public office before age 35.

      Although as I’ve said, I’m very pleased with my state representative, Micah Caskey — Bryan’s kinsman — and he’s only 36…

      1. Richard

        “Nikki’s too old for this group…”

        The same group that looked at Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders?

  3. Harry Harris

    After Trump’s rally speech in Arizona, three words popped into my head. Munich beer hall.. Not as harsh, but same tactic. Stir up the most rabid of your crowd against whomever you designate as enemies. Repeat falsehoods and distortions that they will eat up and will feed their anger. Narcissist, and a dangerous one at that.

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