They’re begging me to run — BEGGING me, I tell you…

All right, so it was actually back in June that this ran on Wes Wolfe’s site (the good bit’s at the very end):

Word is, since Quinn is currently the chairman of the S.C. Policy Council, he will be running as an SCPC-style candidate, in the Sanford mold, which is a little outside his normal situation when he was in the House. His primary opposition thus far is Danny Frazier, a town councilman for Lexington and entrepreneur with Frazier-Taylor LLC, and Gary Taylor, who by our scouring of the series of tubes seems to be working with Mungo real estate firm Sovereign Homes (but, we could be very wrong — confirm or correct in the comments).

Some people, they have egos that are a little too big. Quinn’s is pushing him to get back into elective office. But, he didn’t seem to consider the sledgehammer of oppo that will be coming down on his campaign, from the get-go. It will be fun, though. And, it will be even better if (pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease) former The State editorial page editor Brad Warthen gets into the mix.

So maybe they’re not, technically, begging me at the moment. But they have in the recent past. Assuming Wes qualifies as “they.”

Anyway, this was just brought to my attention today, and it caused me to smile, so I thought I’d share it…

7 thoughts on “They’re begging me to run — BEGGING me, I tell you…

  1. Karen McLeod

    Why don’t you run against DeMint at least? You’ve got some name recognition, and you’re probably saner than he is.

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