Great to be ‘working with’ Robert Ariail again


Back during the years when I worked with Robert Ariail, he would occasionally pay me the great compliment of saying I was the one editor he’d worked with who “thought like a cartoonist.” He had respect for my cartoon ideas, which is not always the way it goes between a word guy and an artist. (He also knew when to ignore my ideas, which was important.)

He never really needed my ideas, but it was fun for me to brainstorm with him — maybe some of the best fun I ever had as a journalist.

Well, I ran into him today at Lizard’s Thicket — he had just had a solitary lunch before heading back up to Camden — and he paid me another compliment, telling me two of his recent cartoons were inspired, at least in part, by things he’d read on this blog.

The one above came from this post, and the one below from my making fun repeatedly of the monotonously pandering intro to Catherine Templeton’s name in all her press releases.

It’s great to be “working with” Robert again, even it it’s for free…


2 thoughts on “Great to be ‘working with’ Robert Ariail again

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      That’s one of the fun things about new media — the interactions you get going. For instance, while Bud and Doug didn’t much like this post from last week, I did get a “like” from Kathleen Parker for my related Tweet:

      Of course, it would be a lot MORE fun if I still got paid for it. Which Jamie and Kathleen still manage to do, so good for them…

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