Anyone have anything to say about YET ANOTHER Democratic debate?

Joe on TV

These things are getting to be as regular as Prime Minister’s Questions, but less entertaining.

Anyway, I watched as much as I could stand, and I more or less agree with the assessments I read this morning that it was a good night for my man Joe, and for Pete Buttigieg, and that Amy Klobuchar did well but probably not well enough, and beyond that… bleh. As for that seemingly never-ending back-and-forth about wine caves, double bleh

Anyone have anything else to say?

14 thoughts on “Anyone have anything to say about YET ANOTHER Democratic debate?

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Wait. I just realized I’m not being very generous. I forgot to mention several other really good things about this debate:

    1. Kamala Harris wasn’t there.
    2. Beto O’Rourke wasn’t there.
    3. Julian Castro wasn’t there.

    There were other good things, but those stand out…

  2. Bill

    It’s still too many for a debate
    And didn’t watch
    Its like Olympics iceskating
    People wanna see
    somebody fall down

  3. Doug Ross

    I watched the whole thing. The first half was boring. The two female senators trying to go after Pete failed in my opinion. He counterpunched very well, never lost his composure. I liked his line about being a “gay dude” who won an election in Mike Pence’s Indiana. Warren exposed her typical hypocrisy trying to pretend she didn’t/doesn’t meet with rich donors. Klobuchar seems to be running for a VP slot. She had zero leadership presence and, like it or not, being a short woman from Minnesota isn’t going to inspire anybody.

    Yang should go away. He may be a nice guy, smart guy.. but he didn’t come across as a person who could handle political challenges. He thinks having a smart idea is all you need.

    Joe was Joe. Rarely answered the question he was asked. He botched/avoided the question on Afghanistan. He was asked twice and ignored the question both times. And his final statement where he imitated a kid with a stutter did not get a good response on Twitter. He can’t seem to avoid doing something cringeworthy every time.

    Bernie was Bernie. Too loud, too idealistic, too angry.

    Since Tulsi won’t win, my next best choice is Mayor Pete. IAfter that, I will likely vote libertarian.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Yeah, Pete came out of it pretty well. But the observers I’ve read agree with me that Joe had a good night.

      Of course, I’m always happy with Joe. He comes across as what he is — a decent, honest man with the experience and temperament to do the job. Which is exactly what we need at this moment in our history.

      As for Amy for VP — I’ve mentioned before that I could go for that. She’d be a good backup for Joe.

      And I believe Pete has a bright future.

      1. David T

        “He comes across as what he is — a decent, honest man ”

        Especially when his son is looking for a job. Joe found him one where he doesn’t have to show up to work, doesn’t have to learn the language and doesn’t have any responsibility. Joe is a career politician, the words “decent, honest man” aren’t possible in this situation.

    2. Scout

      I fell asleep before the end of the debate. I missed the stuttering bit. I had to google just now to see what you were talking about. The only bad response on Twitter I can find is Sarah Sanders mocking him and then apologizing for it. Is that what you are talking about? I think she came off looking worse than Joe there, personally.

      You do know that he had a severe stutter in his youth, right?

      But in my googling, I also found an interesting article about Joe and Stuttering. This article hypothesizes about something that I’ve been wondering about and suspecting for awhile. That his apparent memory issues and gaffes are actually attempts to manage stuttering – that he is still dealing with it.

      I, like the writer of this article, wish that he would just come out and say that. I think it would be helpful to his campaign, as well as, to stutterers everywhere. But it sounds like he is in a bit of denial himself.

  4. Barry

    Didn’t watch.

    Doesn’t matter to me. I’ll vote for the Democratic nominee regardless this time around.

    I’m following the trump brown nose approach In 2020.

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